If you want to stay connected with Connie Habash and Awakening Self...

You know that I rarely send out ordinary announcements... because, like you, if I'm going to receive emails, I want to them to be about something that truly matters.  That's why you asked to receive my newsletters, isn't it?  And I'm assuming that you'd like to continue to receive monthly inspiration from Awakening Self, yes?

If you want to continue to receive these emails, this information is very important if you use Gmail (and it's quick)!  Read on...

(and if you don't have Gmail, no need to do anything - you can just delete this email and relax.)


You may have heard that Gmail made changes to their interface...they have a new feature that automatically filters your email into Primary, Social, and Promotions.

The problem with this is that Gmail will classify my emails as Promotions and you may never receive a message from me in your primary inbox again…

So, to continue receiving my newsletter, inspiring articles and blogs, radio shows and free call invitations, event announcements, resources, etc. .. the fix is SIMPLE and takes only a few seconds…


  • In Gmail, click on the Promotions tab (#1 in image below).
  • Click and drag an email from Connie Habash over to the Primary tab (#2 in image below).
  • You will be asked if you want to “Do this for all future messages.”  Click “Yes.”

That's it!

I look forward to sharing more meaningful posts on personal and spiritual growth with you soon (look for the August newsletter in a couple weeks!).


Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Interfaith Minister
Menlo Park, CA