November 2013

Your Soul's Voice

We all have a soul.  Some call it our spirit, our essence, inner witness, the Divine within.

Our soul is who we truly are, and it has always been - before we were born, and eternally after we depart this body.

Our soul longs to be known by us, to live as us.  It is the Divine impulse within us, desiring to express through our lives.  This is the foundation of authentic and fulfilling living.

If you learn to listen carefully - with your inner ear and your heart - you'll hear the voice of your Soul.  It speaks softly, not always in words, and what it speaks is true, inspiring, grounding.  If you learn to listen to your soul, it will guide you in your life and the unfolding of your spiritual journey.

I have a number of ways of listening to my inner soul's voice and feeling it express through me.  One way that deeply connects me to my soul is chanting in the beautiful and transcendent language of Sanskrit.  This month, if you'd like to connect to your soul in this way, join me for my Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga workshop at Mind-Body Zone in Fremont on Saturday, November 16th.

Another way that I access inner wisdom from my Spirit is through writing - in particular, handwriting.  Get a taste of this practice with my recent blog post, Meditate by Hand.

This month's radio show is all about listening to your soul!  Join me for an intimate conversation with my dear friend, inspired writer, and psychotherapist Donna May, MA, LMFT, on Heeding Psyche's Call - Awakening Self on Blog Talk Radio Friday, November 22nd from 1:30-2pm Pacific time (see details below).  Donna has shared some of her insights and an amazing story of her Psyche's call in this month's article of the same name... check it out below!

Designed to deepen your authentic connection to your own psyche or inner Spirit, my Sacred Journey Women's Psychotherapy group still has spaces available every other Thursday evening, starting in January.  I am currently scheduling initial individual sessions to explore if this group is right for you.  If this speaks to you - and your soul - see my website or below for more information.

Autumn is a time that deeply calls us to our inner Self... while the darkness outside grows, the light within does, too.  Make time to listen to your Soul!




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Sanskrit for Yoga Workshop in Fremont - November 16th!


If you’ve ever wondered how yoga poses are REALLY pronounced, been intrigued by those fascinating Sanskrit words, or love to chant, this workshop is for you! We’ll learn how to read the transliteration (pronunciation of Sanskrit using English letters) of Sanskrit correctly, letter by letter, and then put it all together with the names of yoga poses, passages from the sutras, and a little chanting. Be prepared to put it into practice on the mat! Appropriate for yoga teachers and practitioners. $35

To register, visit the Mind-Body Zone website!


Sacred Journey Women's Spiritual Psychotherapy Group  - Now admitting new members

MONDAYS - 3:15-4:45PM   Waitlisted


Do you long to uncover your authentic self?  To awaken your awareness and vital energy to serve your purpose and be fulfilled?  To live vibrantly in the present moment?  To connect more deeply to the Divine?  All in a community of loving, supportive women? Sacred Journey is for you!

This is a place to bring it all, knowing you’re accepted and embraced in your unique spiritual and personal path.  This is a Sacred Journey.  See my website for more details.

Located at my office in Menlo Park.

If you feel called to this group, call or email me for further questions or to schedule your one-on-one initial session.  650-996-2649 or


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Blog: Meditate by Hand

There’s something fulfilling for me about writing by hand with a pen. The contact of the pen on paper, my hand sliding across the page, the flowing movements, and especially when I am pleased with the forms the letters take. It is very soul-satisfying.

Continue reading online.

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Heeding Psyche's Call

by Donna May, MA, LMFT

Fifteen years ago, Psyche’s call brought me to beautiful Siskiyou County, located in Northern California. A refugee from the smog, overcrowding and rat race of Southern California, I accepted a job that landed me in a county full of mountain ranges, wild flowing rivers, and diverse terrains, including high deserts, valleys and mountains.

One Fall day, my husband Bruce and I decided to put our dogs into the car and travelled to a place called Niki Point. A path blanketed in pine needles, fallen leaves,  assorted seeds and branches, meandered down to a place where the creek narrowed, creating a favorite swimming hole and hangout for locals.  

That day, the golden light filtered through a bouquet of multi-colored leaves still on Oak, Sycamore and Aspen, creating a lattice pattern of shadow and light against the white and gray granite rocks. Water gurgled as it rushed through this narrowing place, its own musical notes combining with the sounds of Oregon Juncos, Stellar Jays and other birds, including an Osprey circling overhead.

My heart was full as I took a seat on a rock. I watched as our dogs Cody, BB, and Kali sniffed and scampered about. Bruce picked up a nearby stick and threw it into the shallow end of the natural pool and all three dove head first into the icy water to catch it.  The sun and breeze touch my cheek. I am in heaven.

And then I see her:  a California Sister Butterfly, her wings are black, orange & white.  She flits about, circles, and then draws close. There is a cream colored “V” on her black back; a distinct pattern that includes orange “eyes” situated on each wing tip.

As I continue to watch her, the most extraordinary thing happens: she comes towards me and lands in the middle of my forehead, at the place of my third eye. I feel the tickle of her limbs on my skin. I remain very still; I don’t want to disturb her. She stares at me intently; her wings open and close, the pattern slightly blurry because of how close she is.

We sit and look at one another and she remains there on my forehead for a minute or two (although it seemed much longer). All sounds receded and my focus was completely on Her.  At one point, she lifted off, circled, and then returned again to my forehead. I continued to watch her, mesmerized. Dark eyes look into my own. It is a holy moment. 

Then, another few seconds, and she is gone.

Or is she? As I share this story here with you, She is not gone. The divinity, the sacredness, contained within those few moments comes back to me, as it does every time that I recall this experience.

The butterfly is the universal symbol for Psyche. Psyche is the Greek word for Soul. Soul experience is that pure connection with something deep inside of us, yearning to be noticed, tended to, and set free. Each of us yearns for that pure experience, that connectedness with the divine.

In these times, it is more important than ever that you tap into and connect with your own pure experience. Notice and locate the Soul Landings to your own inner eye.

There are seven key portals, or doorways, in which you can connect with Psyche’s call for you. These are: dreams, active imagination, writing, art, music, dance/movement, and nature. The development of these portals is essential for the health of yourself, your community, and the planet.

We have lost this connectedness to the Soul dimensions and there is more and more recognition of this and a tugging, a pulling, that individuals are feeling to return to these avenues of pure experience.  Do you feel it?

Finding the portals which work best for you is one of the most important things you can do for yourself - and others. We live at a time when more and more are being called to heed Psyche’s call.  Dreams become more insistent, will not go away. The impulse to draw, write, create, connect (and save) nature grows ever more insistent. Are you listening?

Donna May is a therapist, educator and consultant who is committed to putting the Soul back into psychology. She offers experiential workshops, classes, groups and individual consultations to help individuals find Psyche’s Call for them. She is also the author of the upcoming book Psyche’s Call: Putting the Soul Back into Psychology. To learn more about Donna May and/or to sign up for her email list, contact her at

Awakening Self Radio Show Schedule

(online on BlogTalk Radio)

All shows can be listened to from the links below, during or after the broadcast... or from your phone at (347) 843-4408.  Listen to any previous Awakening Self Radio shows on my Radio Show Page!

This Month's Show:

Heeding Psyche's Call with guest Donna May, MA, LMFT

Friday, November 22nd, 1:30-2pm Pacific / 4:30pm Eastern / 8:30pm GMT

Has the Divine been calling you?  Have you been listening to Her messages?  Join Rev. Connie with her special guest, Donna May, MA, LMFT, for a journey into your soul. Psyche’s Call manifests in our encounters with nature, our dreams – day and night – our imagination, our images, words, and movements.  Discover what signs may be showing up for you or within you that Spirit is calling you!  Call in to ask questions or share your sacred moments with Psyche – the Divine within.

Last Month's Show:

Meditation & Inspiration - Maitri: Friendliness to Your Self

Tuesday, October 15th, 9-9:30pm Pacific / 12 midnight Eastern / 4:30am GMT (Friday)

One of the 4 Brahmaviharas, or inner attitudes, Maitri is translated as "friendliness". It usually refers to the attitude we should have towards others... but are you friendly towards yourself? 

Tonight we'll explore this concept and practice it with a meditation focused on maitri - being friendly, kind, and supportive of yourself.

Or, see my Radio Show page for more shows!

Do you know someone who would be great on Awakening Self?  Send me an email and you may just hear them on an upcoming radio show!

Spiritual Quotes

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens."

~ Carl Jung


"Would you rather be right or free?"  

~ Byron Katie


"And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to the span of life?"

~ Jesus (Matthew 6:27; Luke 12:25)


Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher 
Interfaith Minister - Spiritual Mentorship

Menlo Park, CA