March 2014

The (Not So) Patient Patient

It's been 4 weeks now that I've been dealing with this.  The first two weeks were a sinus infection; the last two have been an ear infection.  Everyday, I wake up and wonder when my ears will feel normal again, and when I'll hear clearly out of my left ear.

Sometimes when things aren't going as I expect, I start to get a little panicky.  When will it be healed?  Is it OK?  Is there something wrong?  Should I be concerned that it hasn't healed yet?  I'm not the most patient patient.

We all want to be in control.  We want to KNOW what is happening, and how long.  But as I have learned lately (again), we can't always know.  Sometimes, we just have to be patient.

This is not an easy thing to do for most of us.  Especially because our society is oriented towards quick results.  We Americans (and probably a lot of other nations), in this speedy internet age, aren't a patient culture. 

It's time that we learn to be.

For patience is what gets us through the hard times.  Patience keeps us in the present moment.  Patience is the practice of trust in something greater.  Everyday, we trust that the sun will rise.  We allow ourselves to go to sleep, and if we wake before dawn, we await the sunrise without question - we know it will come up.

Patience is waiting with that kind of trust - with knowing that, like the sunrise, what we long for will arrive.  It's that kind of inner knowing that powerfully manifests what we intend.  It just may ask us to practice some patience and trust in the process.

I've had to be patient in more ways than one, as I'm sure you have.  For over a year, I've wanted to write a weekly blog.  I've attempted in fits and starts.  And suddenly, during the course of this illness, it has come together.  Something clicked, and now blogs are rolling off my fingers at the keyboard joyfully and effortlessly!  Who would have known?

So, sometimes, your patience may pay off in ways you don't expect.

Speaking of my blog, and my healing process, I wrote about it with this week's entry, Awakening of Gratitude.  Sometimes, it takes being down on an acupuncture table with an ear infection to see the light. 

Every Thursday I post a new blog - you're invited to explore some of my inspiration from the last couple weeks:  Am I Better or Worse Than...? and The Power of Dandelions

Plus, I'm greatly looking forward to my next workshop in the Yoga Philosophy Series at Mind-Body Zone in Fremont:  The Niyamas, or Spiritual Disciplines of Yoga.  Coming in April - see the Announcements below.

If I can be patient, so can you... and maybe like my ear, it will be worth the wait to hear clearly again.




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The Niyamas: the 5 "Observances" or Spiritual Disciplines of Yoga

Part of the Yoga Teacher Training at MIND-BODY ZONE, Fremont, CA

Saturday, April 12, 2014  3-6pm

The Niyamas are the five “observances”, or inner practices of Yoga. They deepen your connection to something greater, and enhance any spiritual or religious tradition because they are universal. Learn to apply them through asana and pranayama practice, meditation, group exercises, and inner reflection. Please bring a notebook and pen in addition to your yoga mat and cushion. $35

To register, visit the Mind-Body Zone website!

Other upcoming workshops in the Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle series at Mind-Zone with Rev. Connie L. Habash:

Yoga Ethics and Practical Applications of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika - Saturday, May 17,  3-6pm


Yoga Teacher Training in Walnut Creek, CA starts March 22nd!

My first yoga teacher, back in 1991, Diane Valentine, is the director of this excellent yoga teacher training and advanced studies at The Yoga and Movement Center in Walnut Creek, CA.  Each time it's offered, I teach my inspiring Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers workshop! 

If you feel you're ready to step more deeply into your yoga practice and possibly to become a teacher, find out more on the YMC website  Starts March 22nd - if you feel called to this, the time is now!


Sacred Journey Women's Spiritual Psychotherapy Group  - One Space Available

MONDAYS - 3:15-4:45PM   

Do you long to uncover your authentic self?  To awaken your awareness and vital energy to serve your purpose and be fulfilled?  To live vibrantly in the present moment?  To connect more deeply to the Divine?  All in a community of loving, supportive women? Sacred Journey is for you!

This is a place to bring it all, knowing you’re accepted and embraced in your unique spiritual and personal path.  This is a Sacred Journey.  See my website for more details.

Located at my office in Menlo Park.

If you feel called to this group, call or email me for further questions or to schedule your one-on-one initial session.  Call me at 650-996-2649 or   Contact me

Counseling via Skype

Yes, I can do Individual and Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy with you via Skype from anywhere in California.  (and of course, I have my office in Menlo Park for those of you local to the area)

Also, I can do Spiritual Mentoring with you via Skype from anywhere in the world!

Interested?  Contact me and begin the exploration.


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Awakening of Gratitude

I was lying on a treatment table at my acupuncturist’s office, with a painful ear infection. I had felt mentally, emotionally, and energetically better since the first treatment two days ago, but the ears continued to feel blocked, and I still was spitting up yellow phlegm.

Nalinee, my acupuncturist, talked about how much my energy field had improved. In her Thai accent, she reminded me of the power of the mind, and how harnessing that would facilitate healing.

I knew that, of course, but had been humbled. I had been struggling with my emotions for several days, feeling fearful and sometimes depressed, and had not been able to make the full shift in my consciousness to a true healing mentality. I wasn’t practicing what I knew.

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Spiritual Quotes

"Patience is power.  Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is 'timing'; it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles, and in the right way."

~ Fulton J. Sheen


"If we begin in certainties, we shall end in doubts; but if we begin in doubts, and are patient with them, we shall end in certainties."  

~ Sir Francis Bacon


"Patience with others is Love.  Patience with self is Hope.  Patience with God is Faith."

~ Adel Bestavros


Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher 
Interfaith Minister - Spiritual Mentorship

Menlo Park, CA