January 2015

Turning the Page

I’m writing this on January 2nd, 2015 – and yesterday, it was time to turn the page on the calendar.   In fact, it was time to put up a whole new calendar, yes? At least for those of us still using paper calendars!

This is the time of year we think about turning the page on our life – entering a new chapter. But turning the page used to have a different connotation, before Kindles, Nooks… the advent of devices that eliminate the need for paper.

Turning the page of a book is a process of both anticipation and continuity. When you read a book that you hold in your hand, feeling the hard ridge of the binding and running your fingers through the pages, you are immersed in an experience. It may be fiction, and you are pulled along to the next page and next chapter by the power of the story. Or it may be non-fiction, inspiring your heart or enlightening your mind on all manner of subjects.

As you end one page, you are in the middle of story. You are living that story in your imagination. Or you are embracing a concept the author is introducing in your mind, rolling it over, trying it on for size, integrating it into your understanding of “life, the universe, and everything.”

At the same time, especially at the end of a chapter, you are anticipating what lies ahead. How will this character respond to the bad news he just received? Where is the author taking us now? What is the next step of 10 steps to weight loss, or financial freedom, or inner peace?

So as you put up the new calendar – literally or figuratively – pause to consider where you are in your own book of life. You’re not completely at the end, or you wouldn’t be reading this. And frankly, you are unlikely to be at the end of a chapter just because we have entered January, although you might be.

What are you in the midst of? If you were writing the book of your life, what would you call the chapter you are currently in? Consider penning the rest of the chapter – how would you resolve the challenges you are facing? How would the blessings continue to expand in your life? And what continuity is there – what has carried you to where you are now, and will continue to carry you forward to the next chapter?

Then, anticipate – what would your future chapters be called? Write a brief synopsis of them. Do you tend to anticipate the negative? Well, you don’t have to write that kind of story. And honestly, stories that end down in the dumps aren’t very popular.

Envision your growth and evolution as a human being – develop your own character, in both senses of the word. How do you want your life to unfold? Write it down. There are infinite directions you could go in with your story. If you look at what you have already in your life, and within you, there’s quite a bit that can build and grow in beautiful and powerful new directions, if your main character – you – chooses to.

While you’re at it, you can rewrite the past. That’s right – because history is made by those who write it. It’s all about perspective. If you had cancer a few years ago, maybe it was a horrific experience back then. But now, you might have a slightly different point of view. Maybe you can also see the new doors that experience opened, the humbleness it awakened, how your heart broke open to truly love others or yourself, or the deep courage that you unearthed that you never knew was there. Allow yourself to see the personal and spiritual growth you’ve received from these difficult experiences.

It helps to have support in the unfolding process of your transformation. This is why I founded Awakening Heart Spiritual Community. We had an extraordinary gathering of heartfelt, authentic, inspiring souls last Sunday. You can join us next month on February 8th – the 2nd Sunday of every month. More info and upcoming topics can be found on the Awakening Heart Spiritual Community webpage.  Join us, too, on the Awakening Heart Facebook page for announcements and community.

My new monthly column, Awakening Through the Seasons, is now published  in Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.  You can check it out this month for free!

The new year starts with turning the page. What has been written is already past, but it can still be edited with a new perspective. Look at what you have now, the continuity you want to carry forward, and the changes you want to anticipate. Stand solidly in what you already have within. Let go of what you don’t need. Then, vision and create, through writing your Book of Life, the positive changes to come. “Turning the page” becomes your life, unfolding as a transformative and inspiring new adventure, every day.






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"Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free.
Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing.
This is the ultimate."

~ Chuang Tzu


"No writing on the solitary, meditative dimensions of life can say anything that has not already been said better by the wind in the pine trees." 

~ Thomas Merton


"How to get rid of the mind? Is it the mind that wants to kill itself? The mind cannot kill itself. So your business is to find the real nature of the mind. Then you will know that there is no mind.When the Self is sought, the mind is nowhere. Abiding in the Self, one need not worry about the mind."

~ Ramana Maharshi



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