May 2015

They're Playing Our Song

I generally don’t listen to pop music. The last time I did was in the late 90’s. 1998, in fact, when I met my guru, Amma. I used to listen to alternative rock, all the time, every day. One of the surprising things about my connection with Amma was that after I met her, I turned the radio off. It wasn’t something I was told to do, or even thought about. I simply lost my interest – I wanted to hear music about God.

Well, now I have a 10 year old, and pop music is back on the scene. Although she generally prefers classical music – or swing music from the 30’s and 40’s, interestingly enough! – she also relishes some of today’s hip tunes. I wasn’t really surprised, but I’d rather not spend my time listening to it.

Still, I’d like to know what she listens to, so I made a novel decision. Whatever song is playing, it’s really about Spirit. It’s really Our Song, about spiritual awakening. Shhh – don’t tell her!

So today, flipping through channels on the radio, I heard “Don’t Stop Believin’” – from my high school days. Now that’s some encouragement for my spiritual practices! A couple favorite hits my daughter and I loved from last year were “Safe & Sound” (yes, I affirm that Spirit is everywhere, and we really are Safe and Sound!) and “Brave” – a song that is all about Satya, the yogic practice of truthfulness. The chorus rings:

     “Say what you wanna say… and let the words fall out. Honestly – I want to see you be Brave!”

And my daughter’s current interest – “Shut Up and Dance.” Now how is that for the Divine admonishing you to stop all that mindless chatter and just celebrate Life, the Universe, and Everything!

To recognize that they’re always “Playing Our Song”, I had to surrender my resistance, my perceptions, and my control. I can’t control what they’re playing through the speakers at Whole Foods or Target. But I can control how I perceive what I hear.

That’s part of what we’ll be exploring in this Sunday’s Awakening Heart Spiritual CommunitySelf-Surrender. Join our “spiritual family” to delve into what Self-Surrender is, what we surrender to, and why we’d want to! Sunday, May 10th, 10-11:30am in Palo Alto. Since it is Mother’s day, we’ll also touch on how self-surrender helps us mums be the best we can be.

This month begins the Yoga Teacher Training at Mind-Body Zone in Fremont, CA,. I teach six modules in this training, covering introductory Sanskrit, the history of Yoga, ethics, and lots of rich Yoga Philosophy (including Isvara Pranidhana – Self-Surrender)!

When you surrender the old ways of perceiving, you can hear that they’re really Playing Our Song, the song of Spirit calling us to return home. In the birdsong, the trickling stream, and even on the radio. Tune in and hear it!





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Awakening Heart Spiritual Community

2nd Sunday of every month (3rd Sunday for July & August)

A new Spiritual Community, based in yoga philosophy and universal principles, for seekers of all ages

NOTE: NO KID'S PROGRAM THIS MONTH.  Kid's progam will return soon.

Including an inspirational talk and readings on the month’s theme, community discussion and sharing, and 15-20 minute guided meditation. 

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When: 2nd Sunday of every month

Time: 10-11:30am

Place: Subud House, Palo Alto – 330 Melville Ave., Palo Alto, CA

Topics :

• May 10th – Self-Surrender

• June 14th – Living in the Flow

• July 19th - Inner Freedom    ***NOTE - 3RD SUNDAY!

• August 16th - Being a Spiritual Warrior    ***NOTE: 3RD SUNDAY!

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Seeking leader of children's program for Awakening Heart Spiritual Community

We are still looking for a permanent leader of our children's program.   If you know of someone who is qualified to lead kids on an inner journey of connecting to Spirit and nature on the 2nd Sunday of every month, please contact me or reply to this newsletter!

Yoga Teacher Training at Mind-Body Zone

The next Mind-Body Zone Yoga Teacher Training starts this month!

Find out more at the Mind-Body Zone website or email teachertraining@mindbody-zone.com

Monthly Column in Sibyl Magazine

Sibyl Magazine: for the Soul and Spirit of Woman is an online publication servicing over 24,000 women around the world.  I've been selected to write a monthly column, "Awakening Through the Seasons", for the 2015 publication year.  Check out Sibyl Magazine!


Counseling via Skype

Yes, I can do Counseling and Psychotherapy with you via Skype (or another online video conferencing tool) from anywhere in California.  (appointments in my office in Menlo Park are currently waitlisted)

Also, I can do Spiritual Mentoring with you via Skype from anywhere in the world!

Interested?  Contact me and begin the exploration.

New Yoga Class with Lacy Rathbun at YiY

Some of you may remember when Lacy assisted my classes at YiY several years ago.  Now, she has returned to the bay area, and is offering a Friday morning class, 10-11:15am, at YiY in Mountain View! Her mindful, deep, and sacred style paired with her knowledge of kinesiology makes for a refreshing and grounding class.


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"Surrender is the faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything, when you cannot forsee the outcome."

~ Deepak Chopra


"Humility is our awareness of our dependence on a vast intelligence." 

~ Kabir Helminski


"Thus the sage does not travel, yet he knows;  he does not look, yet he sees; he does not do, yet all is done."

~ Lao Tzu



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