July 2015

It Takes A Village

My daughter and I had the blessing of participating in a week-long deep nature experience last week.  Not only did this camp-out focus on powerfully connecting each of the 200+ community to the Earth, but to each other.

We had many inspiring and joyful experiences - shooting a bow and arrow, waking at 5:30 to the calls of the Robin and the Junco, and playing silly games with kids and adults alike.  But perhaps the experience that touched me the most was when half of the camp had to move.

The park ranger came to do an inspection on our campground, to make sure we were compliant with the parameters for camping.  Well, they had changed the rules from the previous year and many places where we camped before were not allowed any longer.

Some campers had already moved once, told they could not camp on the knolls where redwood groves stood. During the inspection, the rangers declared another area on a wooded hill of redwood, tan oak, and douglass fir was also not permitted.  This involved about 30 tents.

But were we dismayed?  No!  Our leaders roused the entire village in a great hurrah, and we all pitched in to assist those who had to relocate.  Everyone jumped at the chance to make the transition quick and easy for those who were inconvenienced.

For me, it filled my heart to make a contribution to others in the community.  Carrying their duffel bags and sleeping gear was a joyful pleasure, knowing I was part of a group effort.  I felt more connected to everyone after this experience.  It took a village to move these families with ease, and it takes a village to create a sense of community and connection.

I often struggle, however, with how to feel community outside of these special experiences; to foster connection with one another in a society that largely feels disconnected.  Do you ever feel the same?

So I continue to offer events that foster deep connection to each other and to the Divine within you. 

Wherever you are on the planet, you can join me for the return of Awakening Self Radio!  My focus is always to awaken the Divine within you.  Meditation & Inspiration will be aired on Thursday, July 23rd from 9-9:30pm Pacific time on Blog talk Radio.  The topic is The Pause that Refreshes the Spirit.

And my local community,  Awakening Heart, is taking a break this month for summer (THIS SUNDAY'S GATHERING IS CANCELLED).  But it will return next month on Sunday, August 16th for an exploration of Being a Spiritual Warrior.

We can create a village of spiritual community, where all hearts share in seeking something Greater.  Each of us longs for this.  Believe it is possible.  Seek ways to make a contribution and open your heart to feeling that deep connection with Self, Spirit, and community. 





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The Radio Show Returns!

Awakening Self Radio returns to the internet airwaves with Meditation and Inspiration on Thursday, July 23rd, 9-9:30pm Pacific on Blogtalk Radio.

Topic:  The Pause That Refreshes the Spirit

Let's face it - most of us are constantly in a whirl of busy-ness.  The to-do list is endless, and we have a compulsion to be productive and busy, reinforced by cultural expectations.  There is a cost to this constant activity and agitation: we lose our sense of True Self, and we lose our inner peace.

Take some time for your Self to stop for a moment and learn to pause - when we pause, we refresh our experience of Spirit, return to our Divine Self, and experience  the peace we long for.

Simply click on the link and tune in on the 23rd!

Awakening Heart Spiritual Community

2nd Sunday of every month (3rd Sunday for August)

A new Spiritual Community, based in yoga philosophy and universal principles, for seekers of all ages

Including an inspirational talk and readings on the month’s theme, community discussion and sharing, and 15-20 minute guided meditation. 

Get involved! Join the Awakening Heart Facebook Page for announcements, upcoming events, and community.

When: 2nd Sunday of every month

Time: 10-11:30am

Place: Subud House, Palo Alto – 330 Melville Ave., Palo Alto, CA

Dates & Topics :


• August 16th - Being a Spiritual Warrior    ***NOTE: 3RD SUNDAY!

• September 13th – Studying Your Self

• October 11th – Life, Living, and After Life

Offered by heartfelt donation

Children over 6 years who are able to participate in discussion, sit quietly with their parent, or draw and read back in our children’s corner are welcome to attend. Email me with any questions: Connie@AwakeningSelf.com

Monthly Column in Sibyl Magazine

Sibyl Magazine: for the Soul and Spirit of Woman is an online publication servicing over 24,000 women around the world.  I've been selected to write a monthly column, "Awakening Through the Seasons", for the 2015 publication year.  Check out Sibyl Magazine!


Counseling via Skype

Yes, I can do Counseling and Psychotherapy with you via Skype (or another online video conferencing tool) from anywhere in California.  (appointments in my office in Menlo Park are currently waitlisted)

Also, I can do Spiritual Mentoring with you via Skype from anywhere in the world!

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Spiritual Quotes

"This spirituality is one of blessed participation. It is by taking part on earthly life with all its richness that we encounter the divine mystery."

~ Ron Miller in "The Hidden Gospel of Matthew"


"We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole." 

~ J. Allen Boone


"Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better."

~ Albert Einstein



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