Awakening Self Radio Show is this Friday, January 22nd!

"Homeopathy and Synchronicity" with guest Amy Lansky

1:30-2pm Pacific - 4:30pm Eastern - 9:30pm GMT - 8:30am Sat. January 23rd Sydney

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Could it be that two mysterious phenomena — the healing power of homeopathy and synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) — are related to one another?  Rev. Connie welcomes Amy Lansky, PhD, author of Impossible Cure ( and Active Consciousness ( for a conversation on these compelling experiences of awareness and healing.  Both homeopathy and synchronicity are based upon similarity in vibration. Indeed, the fact that homeopathic remedies actually cure may provide us with information about the power and mechanism of the messages we receive through synchronous experience.

 Join us in conversation and inspiration, and feel free to call-in with your questions!


Save the dates!  May 1st, 14th, or 15th...

Something special is coming in May...

An all-day retreat on Conscious Embodiment... for the whole family!

Look forward to a day-long immersion in  community as we connect deeply to ourselves, each other, and the Divine through our bodies and nature.  Yoga, meditation, group processes and outdoor exploration will be some of what you can expect - with a catered lunch in a special place in nature, and amazing kid's program, too!

I'm making decisions on date and venue in the next couple of weeks, so save these dates as possibilities - this is something you won't want to miss!  Look for a detailed announcement in next month's newsletter.

If you have a preference on which date works best for you, email me!



Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Interfaith Minister
Menlo Park, CA