February 2016

Right In This Moment

Stepping into the shoes of being a writer is quite revealing.  The world opens up around me in ways I hadn't quite considered, because I begin to see everything in terms of how I can describe it in words.  This is powerful for informing my prose, but also hindering in terms of presence.

As I am working on my first book, I find myself pulled between these two worlds.  One, in language and how it emerges to form a description of the present moment.  This creates a lot of “thinking” going on in my mind.  The other: being in the moment without attachment to thought. 

The solution to this dilemma has been a simple one - right in this moment, I'll Be in this moment.  And when it's time to write, I'll do that.

Sort of a silly and obvious answer, but it isn't always.  I find myself  caught up in thinking about how I want to say something in the introduction, or a chapter.  Something will happen that brings on an insight, and my mind is catapulted into a flurry of paragraphs. 

In moments like that, it’s important I take the time to sit down and write.  I’ve written in my front yard and my back yard.  I’ve written on BART while traveling beneath the waters of the San Francisco bay from SF to Oakland.  I’ve typed at my computer and scrawled in a college-ruled spiral notebook while my daughter takes dance class.  Like many other writers, I’ve done my time at Starbucks (peach tranquility tea for me, please!),  and I’ve also grabbed scrap sheets of paper to furiously scribble ideas coming faster than I can get them down at a bistro during lunchtime.

Then, it’s done, and something in me shifts.  It’s time to be back in the moment again.  The droning of the rails as the train glides to the next station.  A hummingbird zooms past my ear disappears out of sight.  Right in this moment, it’s time to just be here, to be present.

It’s not always easy.  My mind tells me, “I should write more!  I should keep going!  Crank out another hundred words!”  But I know when that mental conversation begins, I’m done.  The flow has shifted, and it is better to simply honor it, rather than trying to force.  So I stop.  I come back into my body and breath, and take a look around.  I feel within me whatever is next, and follow that into the next moment.

So what is next for me are two things I want to share with you – this book I’m working on, and an amazing retreat I have planned for May!

The working title of my book is Essential Spirituality:  A Guide for the Imperfect Seeker.  This first book lays down some foundational and universal principles of the spiritual path in a way that is simple and allows anyone, at any stage of the game, to join in and explore their spiritual nature.  It’s time we give ourselves permission to be just as we are while we hold the paradox of growing and evolving as spiritual beings.  I know I’ve had the idea that I needed to be perfect, or somehow become perfect, in order to be a “good enough” spiritual aspirant.  Well, it isn’t true.  We are human beings, and this is a messy place.  Let’s get messy and find our spiritual life right in this moment, as it is.

The other thing that is emerging in this moment is my first day-long retreat in 10 years! YAY!!!

I am thrilled to be offering Conscious Embodiment: a day-long retreat for deep connection with Spirit through your body and the natural world.

It will be held on Saturday, May 14th, from 9:30-5:30 at Ananda Valley Farm, in a gorgeous valley in Half Moon Bay.  And we have an amazing kid’s program of deep nature connection planned, too!  Plus a gourmet vegetarian lunch!  Are you getting excited, too? 

Registration opens next week - see the details below or on my website, and join me for this transformational spring day together!






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Conscious Embodiment Retreat!

A day-long retreat for deep connection with Spirit through your body and the natural world

• Yoga and Movement

• Grounding and Centering

• Meditation

• Deep Nature Connection

• Creative Expression

• Group Processes

• Sharing in Supportive Community

• Includes a delicious, healthy gourmet lunch!

Saturday, May 14th, 2016


At Ananda Valley Farm, Half Moon Bay, CA

More details on the Conscious Embodiment webpage

Registration opens next week - look for the announcement!


Counseling via Skype

Yes, I can do Counseling and Psychotherapy with you via Skype (or another online video conferencing tool) from anywhere in California.  (appointments in my office in Menlo Park are currently waitlisted)

Also, I can do Spiritual Mentoring with you via Skype from anywhere in the world!

Interested?  Contact me and begin the exploration.


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Welcoming Wendy Yeh, LMFT, to my office in Menlo Park

I have invited another holistically-oriented colleague to join me in my Menlo Park office on Thursdays.  Wendy Yeh, LMFT, specializes in working with adults and adolescents with anxiety and a painful past that are struggling with their relationship with themselves and people in their lives.   She uses EMDR and Hakomi (Somatic Mindfulness) to bring about a change that is authentically yours in a safe and supportive environment.  She's now accepting new clients, and offers sessions in English as well as Mandarin.

Together with my other colleague, Kristian Menotti, LCSW (who offers sessions in English and Spanish), we have a wonderful collective of holistic, spiritually-oriented therapists in the sacred space I've created in my office.  Both are currently accepting new clients.


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Spiritual Quotes


"Whatever you release, you are released from. What you cling to is that which binds you. You are your own liberator."

~ Joel S. Goldsmith


"I trust the mystery.  I trust what comes in silence and what comes in nature where there's no diversion.  I think the lack of stimulation allows us to hear and experience a deeper river that's constant, still, vibrant, and real.  And the process of deep listening with attention and intention catalyzes and mobilizes exactly what's needed at that time." 

~ Angeles Arrien


"Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are."

~ Don Miguel Ruiz



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