Sound, Energy, and Intention - Winter 2017 Suburban Retreat

The first retreat of the year - Registration is open for early bird rate

I am thrilled not only to be offering another retreat - this time in nearby Palo Alto, CA - but to collaborate with my dear friend Denzal Santana and his son Cruuz.  I added on extra time to this retreat to share their heartfelt, divinely-inspired spoken word and drumming unlike what you have probably heard before.  Read more below!


“Sound, Energy, and Intention” One-Day Retreat, with special guests Denzal and Cruuz Santana

Energy is the essence of the entire universe, and the essence of you and me.  Everything in nature has a signature vibration that co-creates the symphony of the life on this planet.  Our words and even our thoughts vibrate with power and allow us to co-create the vision of our lives.  Working with sound and word – through listening to nature as well as vocalizing through chanting and mantra and writing sacred intentions through the Life Visioning Process – is a powerful way to uplift our energy and transform our lives.

Join Rev. Connie for this magical day of attuning ourselves to higher vibrations through sound, nature, yoga, meditation, written, chanted, and spoken word.  Adult and children’s programs available!

Our day will be capped off by a special 2 hour concert of sacred spoken word and ethereal drumming with Denzal and Cruuz Santana of Straight to Heart – inspiring for all ages!

Denzal and Cruuz Santana, gifted poets, musicians, artists, & visionaries from the San Francisco Bay Area, actively anchoring in, & transmitting high vibrations, powerful thought forms of peace, love, & harmony to the planet through drum and spoken word.

Kid's program to be announced soon...

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Mantra and Chanting

• Deep Nature Connection

• The Life Visioning Process, as taught by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

• Spiritual Discussion & Sharing in Supportive Community

• Special Concert with Denzal and Cruuz Santana

• Kid's program for ages 6-12 (teens welcome in either program)

• Includes a delicious lunch (vegetarian and non-vegetarian options)!


Sunday, January 22nd  , 2017


At Subud House, Palo Alto, CA

More details on the Retreat webpage


Join us for a day of elevated vibrations, attunement to your Divine Self, and re-visioning your life.

Register early to secure your space!


Early Bird Special Rates (includes concert - on or before December 15th, 2016):

$115/Adults, $95/Children


Regular Registration (includes concert - after December 15th):

$130/Adults, $105/Children


1 space available for a partial work/trade scholarship - contact me if you are interested!


Registration is now open - follow this link to register



Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Interfaith Minister - Spiritual Mentorship

Menlo Park, CA