Your Destiny - January 2017

A whole lot is happening right now - for me personally, and for the planet.  Tomorrow is the inauguration of a new president, and I felt compelled to write something about this shift in energy.  Read this month's blog to explore... are we destined, or do we have some choice in the matter?  It's time to claim your own destiny!

Here's the quick updates to my schedule, with more info in the body of the newsletter.

• This Sunday is the Winter Retreat - Sound, Energy, and Intention!  If you'd still like to join us, there are 5 spaces available - information and registration on my website.   You can also attend just for the concert from 4-6pm!

• MMYM is off the calendar for now - but the radio show is coming back!

• MBZ Yoga TT starts later this month - see their website for information

• I have one opening in my Sacred Journey Women's Psychotherapy Group.  If you are interested, Contact Me.

• Mark your calendars!  Spring Day-Long Retreat - "Awakening Creative Energy": Saturday, April 29th at Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay.  Registration opens in February!




Your Destiny

Whoa – with a title like “Your Destiny”, we’re all bound to give pause. We’ve probably all thought about our destiny at a few points in our lives. Is destiny pre-determined? Is it a well-defined path that we just plod along? Or do we have something to do with the unfolding of events in our lives?

Destiny is, in my opinion, a misunderstood word. We often associate it with the definition of “a pre-determined course of events.” Sometimes, destiny feels like that, as if things had to turn out a certain way, and there was nothing we could do about it.

But destiny is far more than just a fixed roller-coaster ride that you’re committed to and at the whim of as soon as you buckle up. No, destiny is a co-creation that has everything to do with your choices and your attention.

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5 spaces for the Winter Retreat this Sunday, January 22nd

"Sound, Energy, and Intention"

See the retreats page for more information - final registrations will be taken on Friday, Jan. 20th

Want to come just for the concert?

Did you want to attend the retreat, but couldn't come for the whole day?  Join us for our special concert of uplifting, inspired word and powerful vibrations!

Special Concert of Heartbeat Spoken Word with Denzal & Cruuz Santana

Sunday, January 22nd,  2017


At Subud House, Palo Alto, CA

by Donation. 

Respond to this newsletter to RSVP!

Monthly Morning Yoga and Meditation... on hiatus

Monthly Morning Yoga and Meditation class (MMYM) on the 3rd Friday morning of every month will not be offered at this time.

Look for the return of the Awakening Self Radio Show next month instead!

Yoga Teacher Training at Mind-Body Zone in Fremont - starts January 28th!

There's still room in this year's Yoga TT!

Join me for another amazing journey through the Mind-Body Zone Yoga TT and Advanced Studies program.  We have an excellent faculty of teachers, including director Lynn Cheng Kaylor.  You don't have to want to be a yoga teacher to benefit from this in-depth exploration of yoga practice and philosophy.

We've been offering this teacher training since 2009, and it is so inspiring each year!  It is my joy and passion to share yoga philosophy with you.

Find out more at the MBZ TT website 


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Spiritual Quotes


"Remember, even in the most discordant frequencies, the Prime Frequency exists.  You can resonate with that frequency, and through that, find the trace of it in others.  This will allow you to find that place of resonance, no matter what other frequencies exist."

~ Ayleen Augustine, DC, from Frequencies


"The quality of our lives is defined by what we focus on in each moment." 

~ Leslie Temple-Thurston, from Returning to Oneness


"I may not be in total control of what happens in my life, but I certainly am in charge of how I choose to perceive my experience."

~ Jill Bolte Taylor, from My Stroke of Insight



Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Interfaith Minister - Spiritual Mentorship

Menlo Park, CA