May 2013

Your Fullest Potential

As you well know by now, I am inspired often by the seasons.  Right now, in early May, spring's floral display is at it's fullest.  But is that the fullest potential of the plant?

Actually, the plant's greatest potential is for growth and fertility, and the flowers are just the start of that.  They are offering the nectar and pollen to the bees so that both flower and bee may propser.  Fruit trees may be ending their blooms, but those flowers are just the beginning of their offering to the world - the ripe fruit that we harvest in the summer.

Your flowers within are like the divine ideas springing forth from your creative Self.  They blossom when you share them with the world.  But that's just the beginning! 

Those inspirations truly come to fruition when they are making a difference in another's life and your own.  Whether it's caring for your child, volunteering at an animal shelter, or being excellent at your profession, that's why you are inspired to do what you do, isn't it?  Sure, financial reward is great, too, but it's service to others and the fulfillment it brings that certainly fuels my inner fire.

After last month's musings on "Thawing Out," now let yourself receive inspiration and new possibilities of how you can make a difference or share more joy.  Then, put it into action in some small way (or a big way if you're so inclined!).  It doesn't matter how you start, just get started.  The harvest in summer really isn't that far away.

Won't you join me in my latest inspiration?  My new workshop, Path to Oneness: an Introduction to Yoga Philosophy has me fired up all over again about living our yoga on and off the mat.  Open to all levels of yoga experience.  ONLY 10 SPACES LEFT!  Details are below.

Another one of my creative visions is that I'm committing to writing weekly blogs!  Soon, you'll be able to subscribe to them via email.  This week's blog is about my spiritual lessons from my favorite logic puzzle, Sudoku, which you'll find below. Last week's blog addresses anger - is it really UNspiritual?  I think NOT!

Lastly, I am feeling called to share some new kinds of radio shows - but I need your help!  Let me know what interests you for future programming of the Awakening Self Radio Show by taking my survey.  I value your feedback.

I know that your fullest potential is ripening now - trust it and let it happen!




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Yoga workshop on Sunday, May 19th!

Path to Oneness - An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

Yoga poses are just the tip of the iceberg… Yoga, meaning “Union” or Oneness, is a spiritual path, practiced in all aspects of life, and applicable to all religions and spiritual practices.  Discover the profound and practical philosophy behind the poses...

You’ll take a new understanding of yoga onto your mat and into your life!

Sunday, May 19th, 2013


at Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula (Redwood City offices)

$25-40 suggested donation

Register online at the CSL-Peninsula website.  See my website for more details!


Sacred Journey Women's Spiritual Psychotherapy Group - 2nd group starting on alternate Thursdays, 6:30-8pm!

4 SPACES AVAILABLE (6 members maximum)

A place to call your sanctuary…

A group of women who deeply support you on your spiritual path and nurture your personal growth, healing, and transformation

  • Find your authenticity
  • Develop trust – in yourself, others, and the Divine
  • Learn to communicate confidently and honestly
  • Transform your relationships
  • Work through challenging emotions
  • Discover your true, empowered Self

Spiritual topics each session lead us to explore meaningful areas of our lives.  Meditation and other spiritual practices deepen the experience.

This is a place to bring it all, knowing you’re accepted and embraced in your unique spiritual and personal path.  This is a Sacred Journey.  See my website for more details.

If you feel called to this group, call or email me for further questions or to schedule your one-on-one initial session.  650-996-2649 or


Spiritual Family

Sunday, June 9th - Theme: Spiritual Graduation

Sunday, August 18th - Theme: Sacred Fire

Sunday, October 27th - Theme: Gifts of Our Ancestors

330 Melville, Palo Alto, CA
Join us for an all-ages celebration of the Divine through yoga (kids and adult classes!), meditation, singing, spiritual discussion and community.   Please RSVP if you plan to attend to For details, see Spiritual Family.


Mind-Body Zone Teacher Training returns!

I am returning to lead Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle in the Mind-Body Zone Yoga teacher training, beginning in September.  If you would like to join this extraordinary training with Lynn Cheng-Kaylor, Setareh Moafi, Lorien Neargarder, myself, and others, check out the MBZ website!


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This Week's Blog - Sacred Sudoku

I happen to be a fan of Sudoku. I’ve always loved logic puzzles, and when I discovered Sudoku about 10 years ago, I was hooked. The essence of the game is that you have numbers 1-9 to fill in to the squares, without repeating any of them in any row, column, or 9-square section.

Sometimes, I think the Divine likes to play with me while I play the game. I’ve had a few interesting spiritual lessons through the medium of Sudoku...

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Awakening Self Radio Show Schedule

This Month's Shows:

Tuesday, May 14th, 9-9:30pm PDT - Evening Meditation and Inspiration

Theme:  Embracing Discomfort

Not every meditation session is going to be pleasant, easy, and enlightening.  In fact, many of them aren't.  Does that mean we don't meditate?  NO!  Meditation actually teaches us how to be present with and embrace whatever arises, the pleasant and the unpleasant. 

Learn some ways to work with physical, mental, and emotional discomfort during meditation practice.  When we can embrace our experience for whatever it is, we develop more compassion and peace within.


Last Month's Show:

Tuesday, April 16th, 9-9:30pm PDT - Evening Meditation and Inspiration

Theme: Breathwork for deeper meditation

In yoga practice, meditation was usually prepared for with asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathwork). 

We will do a couple simple yoga poses and then focus on breathwork that specifically calms the mind and induces a more meditative state. Then, we'll have some silence to practice meditaiton on the breath, with a few reminders to keep you focused.


Do you know someone who would be great on Awakening Self?  Send me an email and you may just hear them on an upcoming radio show!

Spiritual Quotes

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out." -  Titus Livius

"Keep the child within alive. A child is never tired of hearing the birds sing, never bored looking at flowers."
- Mata Amritanandamayi

"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" - Henry David Thoreau


Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher 
Interfaith Minister

Menlo Park, CA