The Ring of Faith - March 2017

Sometimes, things are a struggle, aren't they?  Even when we're feeling good and centered, life challenges us and requires us to dig deeper within (and for those of you on the east coast, digging deeper through the snow!).  Faith is believing without physical evidence.  It's at those challenging times that we practice faith in something.  It's a practice that we develop, like a muscle.  We can't just hope for it to suddenly show up.  Faith takes practice.

I'm sharing with you my latest practice of faith in this month's blog about a lost ring...

And some events to inspire you coming up:

•  Free talk at Center for Creative Living in San Jose - "4 Attitudes Can Change Your World" on Sunday, April 23rd.  Details below!

• Mark your calendars!  Spring Day-Long Retreat - "Awakening and Creativity": Saturday, April 29th at Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay.  Registration now open!

Even if you feel like you have lost faith recently, choose something small to start developing it again.  You may be surprised that you use faith all the time, like trusting that the sun will dawn tomorrow.  Build on that, and your faith in the Divine can grow.




The Ring of Faith

My family and I were determined to get outdoors to enjoy the lovely weather the last few days, and headed to Huddart Park for a hike on Sunday. We adore this nearby natural gem, filled with redwoods, bay laurels, and tan oaks, and a beautiful (and quite full after the rains!) creek running through it.

We marveled at the wildflowers already in bloom – some dainty, five-petaled white blossoms, and the sweet lavender flowers of redwood sorrel, which I had never seen in bloom before. They were profuse and a delight to the eyes.

Near the last half-mile of our modest adventure my daughter and I stopped at a stream, as we often do, to explore and to enjoy rock face painting. This is something she learned from Katie Hicks at our last retreat at Ananda Valley Farm. Taking a rock about the size of your palm in one hand, you select a colorful rock that can easily be held by the other, and rub it on the rock. After a minute or so, viola - paint is created! We enjoyed decorating each other's faces in reddish-brown and greyish-yellow designs.

My husband decided to move along the trail ahead of us while we were immersed in our playfulness. He stepped off-trail at another familiar spot along the creek, headed a bit upstream, and sat down on a beautiful, warm, sunny spot on the slope about 10 feet above the creek. It was peaceful, meditative, and relaxing.

As my daughter and I finished up our faces, we headed up the trail to catch up with Michael. We looked upstream and didn’t see him, so we figured he must have headed back to the car. After 30 minutes of waiting for him in the parking lot, he arrived, looking a bit flustered. Upon descending the slope where he had sat in quiet reflection, he slipped and fell on his hip. His knee was scraped, and he was OK, but quite unhappy. Not because of his injuries, but because in the process his wedding band slipped off his finger, and it was nowhere in sight.

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Spring Day-Long Retreat - "Awakening & Creativity"

Nature is alive with the energies of Creation in the springtime. This is the essence of spiritual awakening – being reborn and continually unfolding as we grow, evolve, and become more of our True Self. Join Rev. Connie as we deeply immerse in our creative energies to awaken our authenticity, joy, inspiration, and connection to the Divine.

A kid's program is available for ages 6-12!

Saturday, April 29th, 9:30-5:30 at Ananda Valley Farm in Half Moon Bay, CA

More details on my website!

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Deep Nature Connection

• Creative & Artistic Exploration (including making mandalas)

• Movement

• Light Hiking

• Sharing in Supportive Community

Katie Hicks returns to lead an amazing kid's program, and Laura Stec is back to serve up a delicious vegetarian luncheon!

Join us for fun, creativity, and the beauty of springtime.  Registration is open!


Guest Speaker at Center for Creative Living, San Jose - April 23rd

I'll be giving a talk for the Sunday morning service at 10am at Center for Creating Living in San Jose.  We'll be exploring one of the most potent of the Yoga Sutras, and the most practical for our modern world.  Find out how "4 Attitudes Can Change Your World!"  By donation.

Awakening Self Radio Show returns on BlogTalk Radio

Tune in for inspiration on your path of awakening...

All shows can be listened to from the links below or from your phone at (563) 999-3743 (long distance charges may apply).  Download as a podcast afterwards!

You can also listen to more than 5 years of archived shows on my website.

March Show:

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Friday, March 24th, 2-2:30pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 9pm GMT / 8am Sat. Mar. 25th Sydney

Stuck, frustrated, confused, at an impasse?  Especially on your spiritual path?  Rev. Connie shares with you some insights on how to embrace the place you’re in and allow it to shift in a new direction. You don’t have to know what to do, because something within us and greater than us is already steering the ship.  Call in with your questions, comments, and stuck places!


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Staying in Your Center in Challenging Times

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We've all experienced anger when it has been hurtful and scary.  But anger has a higher purpose, and can be used to create positive and powerful change.  Learn how to use anger's power in positive and empowering ways, even to fuel your spiritual growth


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Spiritual Quotes


"Faith is the bird that feels the light
and sings when the dawn is still dark."

~ Rabindranath Tagore


"Faith is an oasis in the heart which can never be reached by the caravan of thinking." 

~ Kahlil Gibran


"It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in so doing, you bring everything to the realm of possibility."

~ Albert Einstein



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