A park in autumn with leaves turning colorsIt’s October, and we’re arrived at the fall season; the time of depth, release, and going within. The leaves are turning and it’s a time of letting go – but it’s also the perfect season for reflection.

Fall brings up memories. We even see this represented by the turned colors. The spent leaves symbolize the past, no longer part of the vital present as they become dry and decompose into the forest floor.

This is a helpful time to look back, not to ruminate or regret, but to reminisce with thoughtfulness (autumn is a time of words that begin with re-, meaning “again” or “backward”). We can reflect and re-evaluate the year and our lives, gaining awareness in the process.

If you take some time during the fall season to reflect on your life intentionally, it greatly benefits you. Old business can be resolved and released. New understanding can emerge. And we can clear the path within ourselves for the insight and clarity that potentially emerge through the winter season. Winter is the time we sit within, in the silence and stillness, to discover our inner essence. By preparing ourselves well through autumn – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – winter will be a very transformative season.

Get a journal to write down your autumn reflections, and take a little time each day this month – or set aside a few hours on a weekend – to consciously review your life. Here are some good questions to reflect on in the autumn season:

What has happened in the last year in my life?
How have I grown?
What have I learned?
What longs to pour out of my heart, to be expressed, to be felt, to be nurtured?
How have I contributed to others and the world?
What has my past contributed to my present?
How can I bring past situations to a completion, for closure?
What communications still need to be made?
What is ready within me to release?
What positive qualities do I see within myself?
What am I grateful for (of course, for Thanksgiving!)?

You may think of some other helpful questions to explore. As you discover the answers within you, consider how you’d like to prepare for the year ahead, and what you want to invite into your life.

Honor the reflective time of year we’re in and you’ll find yourself attuned to nature, the seasons, and your inner Self. What do you notice in your autumn reflections? Share them here!


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