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Meditating Trees

Outside my home office window, two majestic trees stand in my front yard.  One, a large old California live oak, stands broad and substantial, spreading its thick branches out around it.  The other, a pine tree, is more erect and stately, sh… read more

It Came to Pass

My 8 year old daughter asked me last night, “Why is it called Butterfly?  What does butter have to do with it?  Who came up with that name?”  I had to admit I didn’t know.  But it made me think of how often we use words or phrase… read more

Finding is Better

I’ve spent a lot of my life seeking, seeking, seeking.  Looking for God everywhere, searching for my teacher or my spiritual path. Today, I was looking for space to store my daughter’s Christmas ornaments, and opened up the ha… read more


Today, January 17th, is the rebirth of my website,!  After a lot of hard work, I have this gem to share with you.  Thank you to my wonderful web designer, Mani Sheriar, for being so delightful to work with and for sharing her… read more

Sit in Not-Knowing

For the first time in a long time, I really don’t know what’s next. What a relief! Yes, I’m used to always knowing what I was going to do.  To have a plan.   Plenty of ideas would come to me and I’d figure out how to make t… read more

Poppies on the Tracks

You or I would complain bitterly.  Living in barren conditions, seldom any water.  Frequently, large vehicles pass right overhead making thunderous noise, and trampling the living space so you can barely stretch up without being hit. Ga… read more

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