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Seasons of Transformation

Nature reflects to us the process of personal and spiritual transformation all around us.  In my classes, with my clients, and in spiritual community I honor and invite all to explore the profound affect these natural changes have on each o… read more

Springing Forth

As winter comes to an end, I find that I’m a bit antsy.  I’ve been sitting with what is all winter, and now the time to sit has come to an end.  Spring calls us to come out of our wintering nests and get on the move! If you’ve been working with the wint… read more

Meditating Trees

Outside my home office window, two majestic trees stand in my front yard.  One, a large old California live oak, stands broad and substantial, spreading its thick branches out around it.  The other, a pine tree, is more erect and stately, sh… read more

It Came to Pass

My 8 year old daughter asked me last night, “Why is it called Butterfly?  What does butter have to do with it?  Who came up with that name?”  I had to admit I didn’t know.  But it made me think of how often we use words or phrase… read more

Finding is Better

I’ve spent a lot of my life seeking, seeking, seeking.  Looking for God everywhere, searching for my teacher or my spiritual path. Today, I was looking for space to store my daughter’s Christmas ornaments, and opened up the ha… read more

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