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Loved and Lovable

February – a month that, stereotypically, we turn towards greeting cards with red and pink hearts, roses, chocolates, and are inundated with commercials about diamond jewelry.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether it… read more

Your Destiny

Whoa – with a title like “Your Destiny”, you’re bound to give pause.  You’ve probably thought about your destiny at a few points in your life.  Is destiny pre-determined?  Is it a well-defined path that you just plod alon… read more

Beacon of Light

The cycle of the seasons here in the northern hemisphere is winding down to the longest night of the year – the winter Solstice.  We enter the time of increased darkness and decreased temperatures. Yet, it is in the dark that the light shin… read more

Cutting My Hair

I sat in the hairdresser’s chair, elevated enough so that I could see my reflection in the mirror before me.  I asked her to take a photo from the back to show my long tresses, flowing in waves and soft curls almost down to my waist.  This was… read more

Out on a Limb

There was a book written by Shirley MacLaine by that title, back in the 80’s – you may remember it if you’re old enough.  One of the first new age/spiritual books that I read, and it deeply touched me. As the name implies, she was writing… read more

The Hawk and the Gopher

Last month, I led a spiritual retreat at an idyllic farm, tucked into a secluded valley in Half Moon Bay, California.  The focus of our day together was embodiment – being fully present, centered, grounded, and aware in our bodies and con… read more

You Are Not Limited to You

Humans are a strange species.  We are, to my knowledge, the only species that attempts to live in insolation from other species.  We may collect in human groups – and we may have a few select “pets” – but by and large we don’t consi… read more

Be in the Flow

The morning I wrote this post, I took a Tai Chi class. I find this practice challenging in a different way than I’m used to with yoga. Every time I have taken a class – only a handful of times – I try my best to “get” the movement of the ene… read more

A New Legacy

It’s Veteran’s day as I write this, a powerful day to reflect on. As we honor those who have served in the military to protect the United States, I’m drawn to look at my own family’s legacy from wars long gone by. There is a fair amount of… read more

Wise Sage or Innocent Child?

From a young age, I’ve been attracted to spirituality. In the 80’s, I followed channelers, investigated astrology, read tarot cards, collected crystals, and did a Native American vision quest. In the 90’s, I did shamanic drumming… read more

Monthly Column in Sibyl Magazine!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be a featured columnist in Sibyl Magazine:  For the Spirit and Soul of Woman for all of 2015!  Join me as we journey through the year in my monthly article on Awakening Through the Seasons. On t… read more

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