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Hiking in the Rain: Going Past My Comfort Zone

A couple weeks ago, I had planned to hike on a Thursday morning with a friend I hadn’t seen in months.  We were looking forward to being together and venturing into one of my favorite forests at nearby Huddart Park.  The forecast was for rain – n… read more

One Way to Find Love – in Yourself

Yeah, I know.  Valentine’s day is this week.  How do you feel about it? Do you feel loved?  Do you have someone that you love?  Do you appreciate this day to express that love, or does this day trigger painful emotions? I think there are a… read more

Heal or Cure?

I’ve been on a path of personal healing for a long time (probably like you).  Physically, I have had acid reflux for over 3 years now, which has launched me into new and unprecedented explorations of healing.  Mentally and emotionally, my he… read more

Trataka – the Yogic Art of Gazing

As the days grow colder and shorter – and the holiday season approaches – I am always drawn to candles.  Candlelight is soothing, warming, and inspiring. My daughter and I love to light them all around the house and especially at the dinner t… read more

How to Survive – and Thrive – at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: a unique American holiday that is universal, unlimited by religion, race, or any category. It’s a special time to come together with family and friends to feel gratitude on this day of  the celebration of abundance (oh yeah,… read more

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