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The Power of Dandelions

One of the first flowers to reveal itself in the spring, the Dandelion is a common sight in sidewalk cracks and my own front yard.  I saw the first one stealthily growing next to my African daisy by the front fence. I pledged to stop pulling up t… read more

Think Small

I’m tired of everyone telling me to think bigger.  “You need to play on a bigger field!  You’re capable of so much more!”  Does that message ever exasperate you? It sets us up for feeling we’re not enough as we are.  And that wha… read more

Ring in the Great Mystery

I know you’ve made goals and resolutions.  You’re thinking about a fresh start, because it’s the new year.   Most of us have a long list in mind of what we want to have, create, and achieve after January 1st. But sometimes, it helps t… read more

Meditate by Hand

There’s something fulfilling for me about writing by hand with a pen.  The contact of the pen on paper, my hand sliding across the page, the flowing movements, and especially when I am pleased with the forms the letters take.  It is very s… read more

Don’t Should!

How do you know when you should do something? Well, first of all, if you “should” do it, it’s probably not coming from your soul. Because your soul, your spirit, you see, follows its line of power and passion. OK, I’m not talking about… read more

What Does the Woodpecker Say?

I was in the backyard today, cleaning off our patio table and chairs, when I heard a tapping sound.  I looked around, but couldn’t find it.  I figured it was probably one of our many squirrels in the yard, trying to break open an acorn, so I w… read more

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Happy

I’m not feeling all that well today – my stomach is upset, my neck hurts, and I feel kind of sluggish.  But I realized that I can still feel happy. Most of us tend to feel that if we don’t have things that we want, or situations don’t turn… read more

Small Disasters Make Me Grateful

Sometimes, it seems like one thing after another.  Other times, just one thing seems like too much.  This could have been too much, if I had let it. Last week, I opened our hall closet door, underneath the stairwell, to get a jacket for my dau… read more

What is Love?

For several weeks, I’ve been contemplating the nature of many things in the universe, including the nature of the Divine.  I believe and feel that God is the source of love, and indeed is the energy of Love itself. But in further exploring… read more

3 Good Things

Aarrrrgh.  There it goes again.  You know, that voice that gets after you for yelling at your kids, or leaving the laundry piled on the couch for a week, or wonders if you had offended someone – weeks after you did it.  Yeah, that voice. Wh… read more

Steps to Santosha

We all have times when we’re faced with fears or challenges.  It’s part of life. But sometimes those challenges seem overwhelming.  Our minds blow them up into crises, replaying the many terrifying, possible scenarios over and ove… read more

Love the Wind!

I admit it, I’m not fond of cold wind.  It aggravates me and sometimes even causes me to feel light-headed, off balance, and disturbed.  So whenever there’s a cold wind (which there often is when I pick my daughter up from school), I ten… read more

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