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Spring – and Grace – Will Arrive

It’s spring, and I’ve returned to my practice of sitting outside upon rising.  Most mornings, just as the sun peeks over the trees behind my neighbor’s house across the street, I go outdoors and sit for a few minutes.  My ho… read more

The Ring of Faith

My family and I were determined to get outdoors to enjoy the lovely weather the last few days, and headed to Huddart Park for a hike on Sunday.  We adore this nearby natural gem, filled with redwoods, bay laurels, and tan oaks, and a beautiful… read more

Loved and Lovable

February – a month that, stereotypically, we turn towards greeting cards with red and pink hearts, roses, chocolates, and are inundated with commercials about diamond jewelry.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether it… read more

Your Destiny

Whoa – with a title like “Your Destiny”, you’re bound to give pause.  You’ve probably thought about your destiny at a few points in your life.  Is destiny pre-determined?  Is it a well-defined path that you just plod alon… read more

Beacon of Light

The cycle of the seasons here in the northern hemisphere is winding down to the longest night of the year – the winter Solstice.  We enter the time of increased darkness and decreased temperatures. Yet, it is in the dark that the light shin… read more

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