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5 Ways Halloween Can Lead to Spiritual Growth

Here’s some inspiration just in time for our spooky holiday, Halloween! This is my first article published on Elephant Journal – one of my favorite online spiritual blogs. Overcome your fears, explore your Shadow, honor you… read more

What to Do When the World Seems to Fall Apart

If you’ve found this article, you’re probably a deeply caring, compassionate person. The planet matters to you and you do your best to recycle and reuse.  Maybe you volunteer at the local soup kitchen or animal shelter (or would like to if yo… read more

Out of Hiding, Into the Light

Have you felt stirred up in yourself and in your life lately, as if all your issues have come to the surface?  You’re not alone.  The powerful archetype of the recent eclipse has brought what is ready to heal and transform out of hiding and into… read more

What I Learn From Fear

I have a confession to make – I have struggled with the fear of flying for over 12 years, since the birth of my daughter. Seems that bringing a new being into the world and being responsible for her created a deeper reverence for life… and an inte… read more

Sing Your Song

Every morning, shortly after I wake, I do my “sit-spot” practice outside in our front yard.  This is a practice of simply sitting and being present with everything in nature.  It’s a beautiful way to begin my day with the freshness of the morn… read more

The 3rd Option

Last month, I explored the topic of “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” on my radio show, which has been a subject I’ve pondered for years and written articles about.  But I’ve recently been impacted by the challenges of decision-makin… read more

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