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Wise Sage or Innocent Child?

From a young age, I’ve been attracted to spirituality. In the 80’s, I followed channelers, investigated astrology, read tarot cards, collected crystals, and did a Native American vision quest. In the 90’s, I did shamanic drumming… read more

Monthly Column in Sibyl Magazine!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be a featured columnist in Sibyl Magazine:  For the Spirit and Soul of Woman for all of 2015!  Join me as we journey through the year in my monthly article on Awakening Through the Seasons. On t… read more

Speaking From the Heart

This summer, my daughter and I shared an extraordinary week-long camping experience. There’s not a lot of words yet for what I feel. I can only offer feelings from my heart. The heart speaks in non-verbal ways – how to communica… read more

Ready to Relax

School’s out and summer is here.  I’m ready to relax – how about you? What I realize, though, is that I really didn’t have to wait until summer.  I could have learned to relax all along. We tend to carry so much tens… read more


Imagine sitting by the shore of a pond.  There is a gentle breeze, just enough to tickle you, on a balmy, warm day.  You can hear birds singing, talking to one another, with spacious periods of serene silence in-between.  At the near edge… read more

Just Begin

I like to walk on the treadmill at the gym, since I don’t have a nice hilly area right out the door to walk.  When I say “like”, however, that may not be the most accurate description. For the first several minutes, I constantly look at th… read more

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