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Connie, Rev. Connie L. Habash,
MA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Counseling and Psychotherapy

What’s Different About How I Work?

  • Awaken to your True Self
  • Be Authentic and Empowered
  • Deepen Your Relationship to the Divine and to Others
  • Live the Life You Have Longed For
  • Find Happiness and Peace Within

Nature Connection Programs

Counseling in and with Nature

Ecotherapy – healing and transformation through connection with nature. Taking our counseling sessions into the natural world can deepen the therapeutic experience and renew our souls. Nature guides us in the process, sometimes with surprising synchronicities.

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I used the search function and found your newsletter articles pertaining to the yamas and niyamas. Wonderful reads! Great reminders of what we’ve talked about in the group. I am not exaggerating when I say that the group has truly and deeply changed my life. I have never felt more content and at peace, and it is amazing. Thank you “Wonderful reads!”

Lynette Pang, Castro Valley, CA

Connie is a top notch yoga instructor. She incorporates incredible variety into her classes, and provides clear instruction with sensitivity to each student. She has a special way of weaving philosophy and “life lessons” into each class, I’ve benefited greatly from participating.

Barry Hicks, SF Bay Area

Connie is an amazing yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She weaves her extensive knowledge of yoga, Sanskrit, the body and yoga philosophy into each class. She gives students individual attention and support to help them get the most out of the class, creating a safe and nurturing environment. I feel very fortunate to have her as my teacher and friend.

Tim Custis, Sunnyvale, CA

Connie is a fabulous yoga instructor, and a genuinely good person. She has a deep knowledge of yoga. More importantly, she imbues her class with a sense of how to become one’s best self once one leaves her practice session. Her classes have made me fit physically and mentally.

Laurie Iwami, Mountain View, CA

Connie’s website, AwakeningSelf.com is aptly named. Of the many gifts I’ve received as a student and yoga teacher training mentee of Connie’s, the most profound has been greater ability to go within and cultivate peace. As a new yoga teacher I was a skeptic of the chakra system and planned to stick to technical, physiology based, alignment based, yoga. Connie “Always Inspired By Her Classes”

Erika Meir, San Jose, CA

Connie is one of those precious few who are able bring much insight, flexibility and heart to human concerns. She is someone who I admire and who I would recommend without hesitation.

Nicole Gottfried Zapien, San Francisco, CA

Dear Connie – Unfortunately I live too far to enjoy your classes but I sure do look forward to your monthly newsletter “Awakening Self”. I read portions of it to my Yoga classes, as well as use the Quotes on the end to share with the participants. They love it! What a wonderful gift you have and your loving kindness “What a Wonderful Gift You Have”

Mary Anna Jansen, Brentwood, CA

Your yoga classes have literally “awakened” in me the ability to view myself and the world in a more compassionate way. I have taken this new awareness into my very soul. You have shown me the ” light”, namaste.

Diane Boggie, Mountain View, CA

Connie is a gem. Connie’s vast experiences and wisdom are clearly evident in her teaching and counseling. As a yoga teacher, not only is she well versed in teaching the physical practice, but also weaves a philosophical and spiritual message in her classes. This is Connie’s gift to us; she is able to take very difficult, complex, hard to understand “Weaves a Philosophical and Spiritual Message”

Lynn Cheng Kaylor, Fremont, CA

Connie supported me during difficult days of parenting my seriously depressed teenage daughter. There was a “grand canyon” of mis-communication and distrust between us. Through guided meditation, Connie reconnected my authentic self with that of my daughter’s. I began to heal immediately. With continued support from Connie, my parenting was strengthened. I was able to support my daughter to find “I Began to Heal Immediately”

KD, Los Altos, CA

I know I expressed my delight in seeing you again and how much I loved your class, but I really wanted to give you more feedback. When I said you were a master teacher, I really meant it. Teaching a beginning class is not easy and you did it with real style and grace. For me, the class was very “A Powerful and Loving Force”

Clarice Hirata, Mountain View, CA

Connie has been my therapist since I went through a very difficult time after becoming a new mom. The transition from couple to family was very stressful for me, and having her there to support me has been one of the best experiences of my life. Connie is absolutely one of the most intuitive, insightful, kind, nurturing, intelligent, and resourceful “One of the Best Experiences of My Life”

TL, Mountain View, CA

About Reverend Connie L. Habash

Reverend Connie L. Habash

My life is a committed journey to spiritual growth, authenticity, and learning to live the qualities of love, truth, service, and peace. It is my mission to serve by supporting others in their personal and spiritual transformation.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a seeker of truth and of the Divine. Even from my childhood, I would look out through the shutters of my window at night and wonder at the stars – in awe of all of creation. What was I here for? How did my little life fit into this vastness? I felt a strong connection to God in my heart, but what was really the Truth? What was Real? I was filled with questions and sought answers.


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