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I’m not feeling all that well today – my stomach is upset, my neck hurts, and I feel kind of sluggish.  But I realized that I can still feel happy.

Most of us tend to feel that if we don’t have things that we want, or situations don’t turn out the way we’d like, or if we’re not feeling how we want to feel, that we shouldn’t be happy.  We believe that we can only be happy if we get what we want.

But is that really true?

There are many things I can be happy about today.  The walk that my daughter, husband, and I took a through the neighborhood this morning was special, petting other people’s dogs and smelling roses along the way.  I love the crows cawing in the front yard, and the gentle breeze.  The house is more clean than dirty.  Although I have a few loads of laundry yet to do, I’ve already done all the sheets.

You see, when I focus my attention on what I appreciate and what I DO have, rather than what I don’t have, I feel happy.  It’s more of a feeling of contentment – yes, this moment is a good moment.

It doesn’t have to be a perfect moment for me to be happy.  Or for you.

What do you appreciate right now in your life?  What do you already have that is good?

Or, you can just be happy for no reason.  No questions asked!

[Thank you to Kristie McLean for the amazing photograph!  Check out more of her photography]

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