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Radio Show – Finding the Light During Dark Times

December 21, 2017 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

It’s the Winter Solstice – the time of year when the night overtakes the day and a chill is in the air.  Yet, it is from this point of


the year that the light of the sun begins to grow, and the days slowly become longer again.

This is a powerful time to find your own inner light, even if things may seem dark around you.  We are moving through challenging times, but there are ways to stay connected to the Divine and keep that light shining bright.

Join Rev. Connie on David Clarke’s Blog Talk Radio Show, Different Strokes for Different Folks, for an exploration of this meaningful day, inspiration, and practices to keep your connection to Spirit strong within you.

Author and radio host of Different Strokes for Different Folks, David Clarke Cowdery, is a retired social worker and a person who has completely healed from alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction and what had seemed like mental illness, all of which are simply symptoms of dis-ease within oneself.

He has poured his years of intense experiences into his upcoming book and movie, Think With Your Heart and the book, Ockham’s Razor Revisited, a nutshell of his memoirs and a self-help guide to complete healing from any addiction or compulsive behavior. David is a spirit/life coach and an addiction sponsor of over two decades. David has found spirituality as a way to help fill his needs that could not be satisfied through his “addictions.” He is committed to spreading a message of hope and faith to others which is what his business, his radio show and his books are all about.


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