I’ve spent a lot of my life seeking, seeking, seeking.  Looking for God everywhere, searching for my teacher or my spiritual path.

Today, I was looking for space to store my daughter’s Christmas ornaments, and opened up the hall closet.  There’s just enough room to fit the box up high on the shelf above the coats.  But wait – what’s that green tassel I see?

I pulled it out, and there was my favorite multi-colored fleece cap that matches my favorite multi-colored muffler.  A few years ago, I despaired for quite some time about the loss of that hat, figuring someone stole it when I left it behind at a restaurant.  What joy!  Just finding that little cap brought such happiness.

I wasn’t even looking for it.  But there it was – I had it all along.  Finding is much easier and more fun than seeking.

What else might I find if I stop seeking?  What if I spent each day knowing that I’m going to find, without seeking?  What if there is something ready to find in every moment?

I’m ready to find out!


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