When you’re looking to learn the language of the Universe don’t think English – think vibration.

Remember that old joke about the guy who is drowning in the ocean, calling upon God to send help? How a life preserver, a boat, and finally a helicopter are sent to rescue him, but he keeps saying, “no, I have faith in God, I’ll wait for Him.”  He ends up drowning, and when he arrives in heaven, he asks, “why did you let me die?” And God says, “Hey, I sent a life preserver, a boat, and a helicopter…”

Sometimes, it can be tough to figure out which way to go in life. We long for someone to come along and make it completely clear. We’re often seeking signs from “God” – what I call the Divine or the Universe –  in our lives, and we’re expecting those guideposts to show up in an obvious way. To be in our native language; for me, that would be English. 

But like the man flailing in the ocean, the rescue team probably won’t appear as a big old guy in robes descending from the heavens: likewise, our messages from the Divine may not show up in a easy-to-read English format. We need to learn the Universe’s language: vibration


Sanskrit has a word that captures this Divine energy of the Universe: spandana. Spandana has a number of meanings, all focused around pulsation and vibration. We know, scientifically, that everything in existence is made of energy: vibrating, pulsing energy. All atoms are 99% fluctuations of energy and space. Yeah, all this stuff that we believe is stuff isn’t really – it’s always energy in motion within the emptiness of space.

Spandana is that energetic vibration, which is information. If we think of the source of everything in the Universe as Divine, then this energy that vibrates and pulsates in all of existence is the language of Spirit, creating all that is – and communicating to us through this medium of vibrating energy.

Attuning to Vibration

The key to connecting with and understanding the Universe – and it’s messages for you –  is attuning to its vibration. Whether it’s a rock, a tree, a hippopotamus, or the wind, you can learn to pay attention to the energy that you feel in its presence and gain a world of understanding. By picking up on the spandana, you can receive a download much like a subtle symphony of energetic vibration.

A musical instrument, like a singing bowl, can give us a sense of this in a more overt way. When a mallet strikes a singing bowl – those metal bowls that make a harmonious sound when you tap them – you hear the various tones that bowl creates. 

But that isn’t all that you pick up on. Sound travels in waves of vibration. If you’re attentive, you can also feel the vibration in your body when you hear the bowl struck. Even if you can’t feel that, if you put your hand near the bowl (or if need be, actually touch it), you would feel it literally vibrating in your fingers.

If you were deaf, you could still discern the vibrations coming from the bowl. That’s a very physical representation of the pulsing energy or spandana in the Universe, and a lot easier to pick up on. But the Universe works in a similar way.

It’s a Feeling Thing

Once we pick up on that fluctuation of energy, we can discern its meaning through feeling. The easiest way to feel the vibration is through our own instrument, the physical body. We can attune to the sensations we experience viscerally to attempt to understand what we’re receiving.

Let’s look at an example of this. If you walk into a room, and you begin to feel tight and constricted in your stomach, what might that be telling you? Do you feel safe? Is there tension between people in the room? Is something out of order or unbalanced? Once you notice the response in your body to the energy around you, your analytical mind can then assist you in sorting out what your physical and intuitive selves have picked up on.

Listening to the Language of the Universe

When we’re looking for guidance in our lives from a Higher Source, we can similarly tune in to vibration. The Divine communicates to us all the time in this energetic way, but we often dismiss or don’t even notice these more subtle feelings of pulsing energy.

Take a moment right now. If you have a question, hold it in your mind, and notice what you feel in your body. Jot down sensations; pay particular attention to vibration and movement of energy (or static stuckness) in any area within you. Note as well your emotions, thoughts, and images. Don’t discount anything. Write it down.

Then, give yourself some time to sit with the information. Allow it to percolate a bit, to be processed through your body as well as your mind and heart. Give it a few days if it’s an important question. Pay attention to your dreams. Once you’ve received the vibrational download, it can take a while for translation, just as it does for translating an ancient manuscript.

This is a very simple explanation of a more involved practice, so give yourself time and practice to learn. The spandana, or vibration, of the Divine is always available for you to attune to. You truly can develop your inner knowing and understand the messages of the Universe, if you learn the language of vibration.

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