smiling woman at the beachThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. You’ve probably heard that saying. The first time I did was in graduate school back in the 90’s. It has held true. I haven’t been exempt from that tendency to want something different, but not being willing to do anything about it. Yet, if we want something to change in our lives, we need to make a change in ourselves.

You may wish to attract a new job, transform a relationship, eat healthier, or live more in harmony with the Earth. Those can feel like pretty daunting changes!

Before you get overwhelmed with that, I have some ideas for you that are gentle ways to change. Because one of the reasons why we don’t make changes is that we believe they have to be BIG and take a lot of WORK.

That is the falsehood under our desire to transform. So here are my kind suggestions if you want to make a change in your life:

  • Be Open and Receptive – One of the changes is simply your perspective. Open to possibilities, envision a new response to your life, visualize the change that you want to happen, and be willing to receive that! Willingness to receive change is half of the battle.
  • Ask for Help – You can ask a friend to help with cleaning out the closet or a neighbor for suggestions of where there’s a farmer’s market for organic produce. Post a question online for how to reduce plastic use or for suggestions of a good book on personal growth or healthy relationships (here is one of my favorite books on making a change). Help is all around if you ask for it.
  • Practice Gratitude – Gratitude shifts our perspective and opens us to abundance. Focus on the blessings and what you’re thankful for. The more good we see in our lives, the more we continue to notice and open ourselves to. This changes our energy, attitude, and response to others. A wonderful little gratitude prayer someone taught me: “Thank you, Spirit! More, Please!”
  • One Little Thing – When we think of ALL the things that we “NEED” to change, we get overwhelmed and don’t do any of them. I am not the first person to remind you to do just one little change. Let that settle in for a bit and notice its affect until you consider your next one.
  • Do Unto Yourself – We know the spiritual teaching, “Treat Others As You Would Like to be Treated.” Well, a lot of us are much better at being kind and caring towards others than to our very own self. If you’re just going to make one change, I’d start with more kindness and love in the way you talk to and treat yourself. That can have a large impact across the board of your life.
  • Learn to be PresentPresence is being right in this moment with an open heart and quiet mind. Change comes a lot easier when we’re not ruminating over the past or projecting into the future. Right here, right now, you do something different in this moment.

Yes, in order to see transformation in our world and our lives, we need to do the work of change. Go easy and steady with it. Trust in yourself. And allow the Divine to bring you what you need for that transformation to unfold.

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