I’m writing this on the first day of May.  It snuck up on me like a squirrel trying to steal the strawberries out of our garden.  Before I knew it, he scampered away with a ripe red berry, and I was just as surprised when May arrived.

This mid-spring moment gives us pause to consider what is growing in our lives.  This lively season is in full bloom – have we allowed something to bloom within us?  Are you tending to those seeds that you planted, the goals and aspirations that gestated over the winter?

Step out of your comfort zone – spring is great for giving you the inspiration to do that – and take action towards what you’ve longed for.  Just like the squirrel that is eyeing that berry, there is something within your reach, if you allow yourself to go for it.

Don’t worry if you fail – putting the intention into action creates a momentum that will support your next step.  Before you know it, you’ll have a strawberry in your mouth and tasting the sweetness of going for what you desire.


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