The Spiritual Cafe’

A monthly teleconference to awaken your Divine Self

Stop in for some tranquili-tea!

  • Open your heart
  • Be inspired
  • Feel connected to something Greater
  • Cultivate inner peace

The Spiritual Café is a safe, loving, nurturing space to grow in your spiritual life. We begin with a guided meditation, followed by the introduction of the month’s theme and Rev. Connie’s inspirations.  Share your blessings, challenges, and insights.  Ask questions.  Receive and give support in a like-minded spiritual community.

Monthly on Fridays via Instant Teleseminar

1-2pm Pacific time / 4pm Eastern / 9pm GMT / Saturday 3:30am Sydney

Dates for Spring/Summer 2018:

  • May 4th – Embracing the Present Moment
  • June 15th – TBA
  • August 17th – TBA
  • September 14th – TBA

Offered by your heart-felt donation, in any amount.

Suggestions for our time together:

  • Make sure you are uninterrupted during this special hour
  • Call in early to say hello and connect to the community!
  • Have a candle to light and/or incense to burn
  • Pour yourself a cup of tea or whatever calming, soothing drink you wish
  • Have a journal and pen to write any insights or inspirations

Join Rev. Connie for an hour to uplift, inspire, and awaken your True Self!



A selection of books, CDs, and websites that Connie recommends for your continued awakening.



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