Nature Heals the Healer

An Ecotherapy Group for Psychotherapists, Counselors, and Health Care Practitioners


To be added to the wait list, please Contact Rev. Connie.

As healers, we give so much to our clients and patients. It’s our passion and  brings meaning to our lives. But it also can be exhausting, overwhelming, and at times, lead to burnout.

It’s essential that we renew ourselves consistently. Nature and community are powerful ways to support that renewal: Nature Heals the Healer is a group that offers you a safe, supportive space, with others who “get it”, for your own nourishment, restoration, and inspiration.

Nature Heals the Healer is a monthly, in-person, 6-month journey through our  renewal as healers. Be filled by the healing power of deep nature connection and ecotherapy, feel like you belong, and reconnect to the Divine and your True  Self.

A goup of people with their hands resting on a tree trunk

Each month, we immerse in the beauty and blessings of nature as a community, and also solitary, in silence. Together, we journey through 6 passages of our own healing:

  • Presence – Becoming fully Present in body, mind, heart, and spirit, and with the natural world
  • Embodiment – Consciously coming alive in our bodies, listening to them, and experiencing embodiment with and in nature
  • Compassion – Feeling care and understanding for ourselves, one another, and all beings
  • Connection – Connecting to each other in the circle, becoming part of the larger community of the natural world, and a Oneness with Spirit
  • Wisdom – Discovering our intuition, inner knowing, and depth of experience within us, our group, and surrounding us on the planet. This becomes wisdom as it is shared with one another
  • Love – Opening to the infinite expression of love through all of existence. As we receive that, we are filled, we heal, and we become a vessel of love for the planet.

Ecotherapy group forming a circle in a meadow

We’ll journey through 3 different seasons, cultivating our relationship with the land and its Beings, and deepening our sense of belonging here on the Earth. It results in a feeling of belonging in community and deep connection to all life. This deep connection – to ourselves, each other, the Earth, and Spirit – are the pillars of the healing journey.


Each session will have:

  • group processes and/or small group/dyad explorations
  • deep nature connection practices
  • body movement or sensory awareness
  • quiet, solo time with the land

Open to all genders in the healing professions: psychotherapists, counselors, and health care practitioners. In person, on the San Francisco Bay Peninsula in Woodside, CA.

Dates and Times

Saturday mornings, 9am-12pm (3 hours, with optional time from 12-1pm to have lunch together – bring your lunch with you!), 1st or second Saturday of the month (depending on holidays):

  • June 3rd
  • July 8th
  • August 5th
  • September 9th
  • October 14th
  • November 4th
Ecotherapy group resting amond large trees

This is a closed, committed group (Maximum 12 members) – no drop-ins, so we journey deeply together in our growth, healing, and awakening. It is not a psychotherapy group, but an intimate group of peers facilitated for your support and renewal as a healer caring for so many others.

Because of this deep exploration together and with nature, you’ll experience more:
– Peace
– Ease in your body
– Renewed energy and aliveness
– Inspiration
– Authenticity, being your True Self
– Feeling of “coming home” within the group and the natural world
– Connection to the Divine
– Fresh ideas for your healing practice
– Ability to bring your best self to your family, friends, clients, and your life


Nature Heals the Healer is intended to be available to anyone called to be part of this community of healers, nurturing ourselves. Here is how I can make it as affordable as possible.

Pay what you can. Choose from these two options:

Foundational rate –  Pay this if you are able to afford it, and give foundational support to your fellow healers.

  • $85/session, $510 total for the 6 sessions, ($170 down payment – balance of $340 due 2 weeks prior to session 1).

Equity rate – For anyone who feels this is more appropriate for their income; especially for trainees, associates, and also historically marginalized communities.

  • $55/session, $330 total for the 6 sessions, ($110 down payment – balance of $220 due 2 weeks prior to session 1).

Both options include a 15 minute initial phone consultation and park admission in the fee ($6.00).

You are welcome in this space just for us healers – it’s time to attend to your needs, and cultivate the deep connection to this planet and one another that renews and feeds your soul. Join us to experience how Nature Heals the Healer.

SOLD OUT, to be added to the wait list, please Contact Rev. Connie

Your Facilitator – Rev. Connie L. Habash, LMFT, Ecotherapist)

Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT  is an author, spiritual mentor, interfaith minister, yoga & meditation teacher, psychotherapist, ecotherapist, and seasoned group facilitator. She values authentic, inspiring, heart-centered, and nurturing community. Rev. Connie is committed to sharing simple and accessible spirituality, presence, and deep nature connection through her retreats, online courses, workshops, and individual sessions.

For more information, email her: Connie (at) or call 650-996-2649

Rev. Connie with ecotherapy group sitting in the forest

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