I have this painting you see here on my stairway.  It’s a print of a watercolor of my spiritual teacher, Amma.  I fell in love with it a few years ago, and knew it would look lovely on the landing of our stairs.

Every day, as I descend the 7 steps at the top of our staircase, I pause facing her image.  Her eyes are closed and she has radiance beaming from her third eye in the center of her forehead.  She holds her hands reverently, just above her solar plexus, in some sort of mudra – similar to folding them in prayer, but the tips of the little and index fingers touch.

Every time I come down the stairs, I take a few moments to pause with her image.  I, too, close my eyes, and take a mindful breath.  I put my hands in the mudra, and imagine the light at my 6th chakra.  I silence my mind, if only for a moment.

This practice gives me mindful pauses to become present throughout the day.  As I am going up and downstairs, toting baskets of laundry, I stop and breathe.  When I first come downstairs in the morning for breakfast, I pause and come into the moment.  I am reminded of what is truly important.  I feel refreshed.

You, too, can create a special place in your home to help you practice more presence and stillness.  Find an image that deeply touches your soul.  It can be a painting, photo, statue, crystal, or a candle – anything that stands out to you that you can put in a prominent place, one that you’ll pass by regularly throughout the time you are at home.

Make it a practice to stop, even if just for one breath, be still, and feel your Divine self.  Let your thoughts wash away with your exhale.  Allow yourself to feel free and open right now.  Know that this moment is a good moment.  Receive the Divine Light.  This will refresh you and keep you focused on your spiritual path.

Where in your home can you create that sacred place to pause and be present?


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