Spirituality/Personal Growth

Your Inner Awakening: The Work of Byron Katie: Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life

[CD Audiobook]

This CD set truly helped change my thinking – and gave me the skills to question my thoughts!  The vignettes of Katie actually working with people on their issues give you a clear illustration of how to apply her method.

Michael Bernard Beckwith: Spiritual Liberation – Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


An inspiring movie about one of my favorite modern spiritual teachers.

The Infinite Way


I have probably highlighted half of this book!  Goldsmith is a master and I refer back to this book again and again, gaining new insights each time.

Do You Do It or Does It Do You?:How to Let the Universe Meditate You

[Audio CD]

Alan Watts was before his time, to be sure.  He makes eastern philosophy understandable to the western mind.  He’s also quite entertaining in his intellectual sort of way.  A powerful charisma.

Life Visioning: A Four-Stage Evolutionary Journey to Live as Divine

[6-CD Audio Book]

This CD set had a major impact on my life.  I learned Life Visioning for the first time and it was pivotal in my decision to become an Interfaith minister.  It’s refreshing in that it’s not about trying to figure it out and plan the steps – it’s more about letting the Divine flow through you and reveal to you how It wants to express in your life!  I like the 6 CDs because he gives in-depth teachings, especially about the levels of spiritual development.  Many gems here.

Life Visioning: A Four-Stage Evolutionary Journey to Live as Divine

[1-CD Audio Book]

For those who don’t want to purchase the 6 CD set, this gets right down to the Life Visioning Process and leads you through one.

You Can Heal Your Life


A classic – essential for anyone on the path of healing and learning to love yourself.

Giant Steps


A deeply moving book.  Several different life challenges, met with unconditional love and the right questions, transform lives.  I couldn’t put this down, and it affected how I am present with clients.  Highly recommended.