Nature reflects to us the process of personal and spiritual transformation all around us.  In my classes, with my clients, and in spiritual community I honor and invite all to explore the profound affect these natural changes have on each of us.

Spring, the season we’re currently in, and summer are both times of longer daylight – hence, the energies around and within us are externally focused.  It’s all about taking what is within you and finding ways of expressing it in the world.

Spring is new beginnings, where we burst forth from the gestation of the colder time of the year and feel ready for new adventures.  We explore who we are becoming and we reinvent ourselves anew.  It’s a good time to step into something you’ve toyed with for a while.  It’s also a good time to listen to new perspectives and see the world in a fresh way.

Summer is taking those explorations to a new height.  It’s the time of ripening.  While spring encouraged us to step out into new territory, summer is prime-time for play and celebration of our success and our finer qualities.  Allow yourself to authentically and radiantly shine, just like the sun.  Recognize your gifts and share them freely, just as nature’s bounty blesses us with the fruits of the season.

At the end of summer we begin to feel the down-shift into a more introspective time.  We enter the growing nighttime, and so, too, we enter the unconscious.  Fall takes us away from the externally-focused energies of exuberant summertime and asks us to pause and consider what we feel, who we are, and to reminisce.  We revisit the past during autumn to integrate, grieve, reflect, and heal.

Which takes us at last to winter, the coldest and most inward time.  This is the great stillness; nature is quiet, hibernating.  We, too, have been called by the inner silence to find peace with what is.  We embrace our inner wisdom that we have gained from the four seasons of life, and let it gestate into something which we will share with the world.  Winter is a time of the Spirit, peace, and patience.

Each season offers us new opportunities to understand ourselves and the world we live in.  I facilitate that greater journey for every person I work with, as they are touched by what the season offers.  What is this season offering you today?


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