As winter comes to an end, I find that I’m a bit antsy.  I’ve been sitting with what is all winter, and now the time to sit has come to an end.  Spring calls us to come out of our wintering nests and get on the move!

If you’ve been working with the winter energies of listening to the stillness, seeking your inner wisdom, and letting things gestate, then reflect on what you’ve discovered from that process.  Notice what is taking shape, uncovered beneath the melting snows of inner reflection.  Are some ideas knocking at your door, longing for you to get them started?  Is a project that you shelved over the holidays now ready to be completed?  Are friends beckoning you to come out of your rabbit hole again and play?

Spring is all about birth, allowing the new and fresh to become manifest.  Feel your body.  Listen to its impulses.  How does it want to move?  Where does it want to go?  Follow your body’s lead, for its wisdom will take you in the directions of growth and transformation right now, in alignment with the energies of spring.  Led your body and your Divine Self spring forth!

What have you got to lose?


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