Apr 15

Your Angel Investors

You probably don’t need venture capitalists to realize your dreams – you need to awaken your own inner angels.

Calling in your Angel Investors!

I know someone who is an Angel Investor – she loves to find people and projects she believes in and provide the expertise and capital to help them realize their vision.

We were chatting with one of her friends in the foyer of her Eichler-style home. She talked about having a guest on her podcast that was a bit woo-woo. Naturally, I perked up, ‘cause you know I love woo-woo.

She enjoyed this guest, who had a slightly spiritual bent to her work, but felt a little nervous about the prayer that she offered to the listeners in the beginning of her show. Given that her audience is geared towards business and success – a bit more mainstream than those of us spiritual folks – she worried that it would make people uncomfortable. Continue Reading »

May 02

May Day Motivation!

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P1050707I’m writing this on the first day of May. It snuck up on me like a squirrel trying to steal the strawberries out of our garden. Before I knew it, he scampered away with a ripe red berry, and I was just as surprised when May arrived.

This mid-spring moment gives us pause to consider what is growing in our lives. This lively season is in full bloom – have we allowed something to bloom within us? Are you tending to those seeds that you planted, the goals and aspirations that gestated over the winter? Continue Reading »