Connie’s website, is aptly named. Of the many gifts I’ve received as a student and yoga teacher training mentee of Connie’s, the most profound has been greater ability to go within and cultivate peace. As a new yoga teacher I was a skeptic of the chakra system and planned to stick to technical, physiology based, alignment based, yoga. Connie has a great ability to read the room, perceive what’s needed, and deliver that. This is one of the things that makes a great, rather than good teacher. I think she sensed this in me one day (or it was luck) when she taught a 2nd chakra class I attended. With her guidance through that meditation I found a peace deeper than what I was able to find on my own. Using the techniques she taught that day, I’ve worked with this for many years since. She helped me awaken a part of myself that was stagnant. Again, I think her website deserves its title.

Connie’s knowledge of yoga philosophy and Sanskrit are interwoven into the asana practice she leads in enriching ways. I am always inspired by her classes. My ayurvedic practitioner compliments my Sanskrit (and she would know). Since Connie is my only regular Sanskrit influence, this is testimony to Connie’s excellent pronunciation and how her love, understanding, and knowledge of the beautiful sounds of Sanskrit help them be transmitted effectively.


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