A Hawk on a perchEcotherapy is a sacred, magical, and very fun way to work with clients. Consistently, I find that nature brings exactly what is needed – even over the phone! Here’s a snippet of a powerful ecotherapy session full of synchronicity, messages, and inspiration.

[note: the identifying information in this post has been changed to protect privacy, and I have received permission – for which I am grateful –  to share this special experience with you!]

Our session began as it always does; over the phone, with some deep breaths and coming into the present moment. But also as can happen from time to time, the phone connection was poor and dropping off. I suggested that my client move to better reception – so she stepped outdoors.

Rebecca was fortunate to live close to nature – in Marin County, with redwoods abound. As she moved outside, I could hear the sounds of nature around her over the phone.

A Message About Boundaries

She expressed a desire to be free. It had been challenging lately to set boundaries with others who constantly stepped over their limits. In that moment, I heard the sound of a hawk calling out. Whenever something from nature shows up in a session – whether it is a creature, a sound, or a weather pattern – I consider it to be synchronicity. It is a sacred message from the Universe that can shift our perspective and provide powerful guidance.

I asked if there was a hawk nearby, and she laughed. “No, that’s a jay!” California scrub jays, and jays in general, are known to be able to imitate other birds, especially hawks. Jays are also known to squawk a lot, appearing to complain bitterly about other jays or competing birds in the vicinity. So, we had a false hawk; an imposter posing as a hawk in our midst. I asked Rebecca what that might be reflecting in her life related to the boundary issue.

Pausing in consideration, an “a-ha” moment emerged. Rebecca recognized that she gets mocked for standing up for her boundaries – perhaps because she comes across as “squawking” when she’s trying to set them! It was like the jay pretending to be the hawk; true power wasn’t there to back up the words coming from the jay.

In contrast to the jay, the real Red-Tailed Hawk holds a different energy, and was a bird that Rebecca had a special affinity for. If she was more like the real Red-Tailed Hawk, who is fully empowered, stands tall and firm on the perch, has sharp eyes and talons, and doesn’t need to say a word to have the deference of all the other creatures in the forest, they would probably respect her boundaries.

Don’t Settle – Be the Real Hawk!

The message for her was: “Don’t settle for being a jay – be the hawk!”

We then moved into a visualization to become the hawk, embodying the qualities of respect, power, keen awareness, and hawk-eyed clarity. It was important to feel it in her body, to embody the energy and qualities of the hawk. As she completed this visualization, feeling the hawk’s prowess and strength within her, she had another realization: that it’s easier to have an open heart when you have power. By stepping into and embodying the power that the real hawk represented, she could both set boundaries and more deeply connect, heart to heart, to those she loved.

As we completed our phone session – but fully informed by ecotherapy – a final visitor came to call. The Acorn Woodpecker, who has a call that sounds a lot like a cackle. What was the woodpecker adding to the story, I asked? She mused: when they try to get to you, laugh it off! That’s empowering!

The Magic of Ecotherapy

This is the magic of ecotherapy. Nature knows what we need. Everything in the natural world has meaning and symbolism that takes personal and spiritual growth to a deeper level. Even over the phone, when we open ourselves to nature, a whole world of wisdom, guidance, and insights show up with gifts of healing and transformation.

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