Writing came into my life the way many things do – by a bit of divine intervention, dropping me hints here and there.  Often, my yoga students would comment on ideas I shared during class and asked me to repeat what I had said.  As my classes are usually spontaneous and ideas flow to me in the moment, I didn’t always remember.  I wanted to share yoga philosophy and the inspiration that came through me with my students in a memorable, accessible, and practical way.  Writing was the perfect medium to achieve that.

I had long wanted to be a writer.  But I questioned if I had the skill to successfully create in the written word as easily as it came to me in speaking.  Yet I had confidence that I could develop this ability in myself.  So in September of 2000, I committed to writing at least one article a month and began the Awakening Self Newsletter.  Over 18 years later, I’ve written over 240 articles  and blogs. I’ve learned from some great writing coaches, too.  What you find here is a sampling of my many inspirations over the years.

My writing style, so I’ve been told, is a bit like having a conversation with you.  I recount, in my down-to-earth and at times humorous way, ordinary life experiences, on and off the yoga mat, and how they offer me profound spiritual and personal lessons.  As somewhat of a “suburban mystic”, I unearth the sacred in just about anything that I encounter; even spiders, stubbed toes, and broken hot water pipes.  I love yoga philosophy and universal spiritual principles.  But I draw from many traditions to illustrate life lessons and facilitate spiritual awakening.  I also often write informative pieces about yoga and meditation practice, seasonal influences, practical Ayurveda, and deep nature connection.

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