Awakening Self Newsletter – March 2013

From the Nothing Comes the Something

There are times when we feel like nothing is happening, nothing new going on.  Through the winter, it’s easy to feel this way.  On the surface of the ground, there’s no activity or apparent change.

But deep underneath, a great deal is happening.  Roots are digging deeper into the soil to stay warm, and also to conserve the plant’s energy for a robust renewal in the spring.  Seeds are gestating, gathering moisture to break them open and allow the potential of the plant to emerge forth.  Beneath the surface, something prepares to reveal itself.  Now that spring is almost here, we are seeing what appeared to be nothing to truly appear as something, bursting through the soil into floral delight!

We know that there is no moment that is like any other moment.  The universe is constantly evolving and changing.  Just imagine the apparent “nothingness” before the Big Bang happened.  Out of emptiness and nothing, all that we know of arose!

So when you’re feeling stuck or as if nothing is going on, just you wait.  The times of  “nothing” are the gestation period for the next “something” to arrive.

Out of my waiting until inspiration arose came a birth of new workshops and classes!  In May, I’ll be offering a yoga workshop – Path to Oneness – as an introduction to the spiritual teachings of yoga that you won’t want to miss.  And this fall, look for a whole new kind of Yoga Class (yes, I’ll be teaching again!) called Yoga Quest. Stay tuned for details!

This month, I share with you two articles to remind you that something always arises out of nothing.  My latest blog entry, Meditating Trees, gives us pause to consider the gifts of depth and stillness that trees have mastered.

And a favorite article of mine, What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, reminds us of the benefits of waiting for the right action to arise.

My radio shows this month are on Tuesday, March 12th at 9pm PST for Evening Meditation and Inspiration, where we will explore the use of mantra.  The following week, join me on Tuesday the 19th at 1:30pm for the Awakening Self Radio Show – “Following Spirit’s Breadcrumbs”, where we’ll learn how to look for the signs of Spirit’s guidance in our lives.  See more details below!

So even if the little sprouts haven’t yet peeked their green heads above the soil where you are, remember there’s something within, resting in the Divine Mind, that will come forth when the time is right.  Something does come from “no-thing.”




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Meditating Trees

Outside my home office window, two majestic trees stand in my front yard. One, a large old California Live Oak, stands broad and substantial, spreading its thick branches out around it. The other, a pine tree, is more erect and stately, shooting straight up with several branches near the top, reaching in all directions with green needles.

Although they appear different, they both have that “tree energy”.

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Feeling the inner call to transform your life?

I have new openings for counseling and psychotherapy during the week available for individuals and couples (even adolescents, too!) who seek more fulfillment and integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit in their life and relationships.  Although I have experience in many areas, I specialize in depression, anxiety, grief, life purpose, motherhood issues, communication and relationship issues, self-esteem, releasing the past, and deepening your spiritual life.  See my website for more information. Contact me for a free phone consultation.


Spiritual Family

Sunday, April 14th – Theme: The Sacred Dance of Creation

Sunday, June 9th – Theme: Spiritual Graduation

Sunday, August 18th – TBA

330 Melville, Palo Alto, CA
Join us for an all-ages celebration of the Divine through yoga (kids and adult classes!), meditation, singing, spiritual discussion and community.  For details, see Spiritual Family.


Sacred Journey Women’s Spiritual Psychotherapy Group – 2nd group forming!

For almost a year now, Sacred Journey has been a psychotherapy group where women support each other in healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation!  Now, I am adding a second group to join in the journey!  This group is limited to 6 women ready to grow in powerful new ways and deepen their connection to something Greater.  Find out more about Sacred Journey on my website

Sacred Journey group is one and one half hours, every other week.  Time and day TBA.  $55/session.

If you feel called to this group, email me or call to schedule your initial intake session.


New Yoga workshop coming in May!

Path to Oneness – An Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings of Yoga is coming in May – stay tuned for details!


Teacher Training in Walnut Creek, CA

I am again teaching the Introduction to Sanskrit module of the Yoga and Movement Center’s 6th Advanced Studies/Teacher Training.  Led by Diane Valentine and Dennis Eagan, it begins in April.  Save $100 if you register before March 15th!


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Event Calendar

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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do by Rev. Connie L. Habash

Stuck.  Mind is blank.  Out of options.  You’ve come to an impasse – a situation in which you’re not sure which way to go.  The path seems to end there, and the overgrowth of the brush has covered the direction.

We all come to places and times in our lives when we don’t know what to do.  We weigh our options, and none of them feels quite right, or they have big costs that we aren’t yet willing to pay.  It can feel helpless, hopeless, and scary. We may feel that we’re alone and have to figure it out all by ourselves.

The only thing we can be certain of is that we can’t go back. Perhaps we are ready to leave a relationship that no longer works, or a job situation that’s become torturous.  But leaving it leaves us wide open – a place of vulnerability in facing the unknown.  Perhaps we’re willing to embark on a new career, or allow someone loving into our lives, but we just don’t know how.  We feel compelled to figure things out, and figure them out quick.  What way do I go, and how do I get there – fast!  Continue Reading…

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Awakening Self Radio Show Schedule

This Month’s Shows:

Tuesday, March 12th, 9-9:30pm PDT – Evening Meditation and Inspiration

Theme: Mantra in meditation

In tonight’s show, we’ll explore the use of mantra in meditation.  Mantra, or chanting, keeps the mind focused as well as frees the mind from agitating thought.  You have a choice of some simple mantras, in English or Sanskrit, to practice with.

There will be some silent spaces in which to put our meditation in practice.  Together, let’s discover the Divine within!

Click the link above to listen, or you can always call in to listen or ask questions at (347) 843-4408

Tuesday, March 19th, 1:30-2pm – Awakening Self Radio Show:

“Following Spirit’s Breadcrumbs”

Note that today’s show is on a Tuesday instead of a Friday!

How can we learn to follow Spirit’s guidance? What are the “breadcrumbs” that God – the Divine – drops along our path to show us the way? You’ll learn some keys to making good decisions and following your spiritual path (and how not t make decisions, too!). Call in to ask questions or share your “breadcrumb” story!


Last Month’s Show:

Tuesday, February 12th – Evening Meditation and Inspiration

Theme: A Mystic’s Love

Tonight, we share a quiet and sacred time together.  Some inspiration from a Mystic’s poetry will set the tone for focusing on Spiritual Love, and then we’ll have a semi-guided meditation practice.  There will be silent spaces to allow you to deepen in the meditation, and gentle reminders along the way.  Join me to support your meditation practice or to start a new one!  Let’s awaken the Divine Within.

Spiritual Quotes

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”  – Alexandra K. Trenfor

“The more we try and understand enlightenment, the more it will elude us. And that’s because enlightenment does not come from the mind.  It comes from “no-mind”.  It comes from just being.”
– Anita Moorjani

“Love’s greatest gift is the ability to make everything it touches sacred.”  – Barbara De Angelis

As always, thank you for your support and for being a meaningful part of the evolution of Awakening Self!





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