A Journey, Not a Destination – October 2013

Rush, rush, rush.  Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere.  Doesn’t it feel like that?

We’re either hurrying to get to work, to get home, to get something we want, or to get something done.  We’re rushing to meet a deadline or to make a goal.

When do we actually arrive?

Once we meet a goal or get somewhere, what happens?  We focus on the next destination.

Is this really the way we want to live?  How much of life are we really experiencing, enjoying, being present in while en route to all these destinations?  And is life really about the destination?  We all know what the final destination is, and I know we’re not in a rush to get there!

When we step back and see our lives more clearly, we begin to understand that life is really about the journey: the experiences, mystery, joy, and challenges that the world offers us, and the gifts we receive from them.  By focusing on enjoying the journey of life rather than an anticipated destination, we live more in the present and appreciate everything that life has to offer – even if we’re not yet at our desired destination.

I think of this journey as the Journey to discover your true Self.  My Sacred Journey Women’s Psychotherapy group is intended to deepen the awareness of your Divine nature, support you in being authentic and empowered, and to bring you more fully into the present moment.  There are now spaces available starting in Novemeber in the Thursday evening group if this speaks to you.

You’ll find two blogs this month, both of which will keep you paying attention to this Divine journey you’re on.  Don’t Should! reminds us of the callings of our soul (and what gets in the way of hearing that), and What Does the Woodpecker Say? shows some simple inspiration I discover every day on my journey through life.

There are two wonderful Awakening Self radio shows scheduled this month.  Meditation and Inspiration returns on Tuesday, October 15th at 9pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern for a taste of my current Yoga Quest class – Maitri: Friendliness to your Self.  Then, on Friday, October 18th join me for “The Spiritual Gifts of Bees” with Anaiis Salles beekeeper activist and energy healer from the east coast for an amazing perspective on how bees teach us to be better human “Bee-ings” and what we can do to save our honeybees.  Get involved – our food supply and the well-being of the planet depend on the bees!  Details below.

Just like on an amusement park ride, sit back and appreciate the experience right now. You’ll have some ups and downs, but it’s all part of the thrill of being alive.  You’re on an amazing journey.





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Sacred Journey Women’s Spiritual Psychotherapy Group  – Now admitting new members for November

MONDAYS – 3:15-4:45PM   Waitlisted


Do you long to uncover your authentic self?  To awaken your awareness and vital energy to serve your purpose and be fulfilled?  To live vibrantly in the present moment?  All in a community of loving, supportive women? Sacred Journey is for you!

A place to call your sanctuary…

A group of women who deeply support you on your spiritual path and nurture your personal growth, healing, and transformation

  • Find your authenticity
  • Develop trust – in yourself, others, and the Divine
  • Learn to communicate confidently and honestly
  • Transform your relationships
  • Work through challenging emotions
  • Experience potent awareness and aliveness in the present moment
  • Discover your true, empowered Self

Spiritual topics each session lead us to explore meaningful areas of our lives.  Meditation and other spiritual practices deepen the experience.

This is a place to bring it all, knowing you’re accepted and embraced in your unique spiritual and personal path.  This is a Sacred Journey.

If you feel called to this group, call or email me for further questions or to schedule your one-on-one initial session.  650-996-2649 or Contact me


Spiritual Family

Sunday, October 27th – Theme: Gifts of Our Ancestors


330 Melville, Palo Alto, CA
Join us for an all-ages celebration of the Divine through yoga (kids and adult classes!), meditation, singing, spiritual discussion and community. For details, see Spiritual Family.

NOTE: Yes, Spiritual Family is ending, but something is evolving in its place… stay tuned for updates!


YOGA QUEST has a few spaces for drop-in

4 Monday mornings in October, 10-11:45am at Yoga is Youthfulness in Mountain View, CA

YOGA QUEST I: The Four Brahmaviharas (“Attitudes of Relationship”) Friendliness, Compassion, Joyfulness, and Equanimity

  • 1 hour yoga asana practice
  • Group and individual exercises, including journaling, discussion, or art, to deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy
  • 15 minute meditation

It is $25/drop-in if you’d like to attend the remaining classes this month.

For details, see my Yoga Quest page… or register now at the YiY website


Sanskrit Workshop in Fremont next month!


If you’ve ever wondered how yoga poses are REALLY pronounced, been intrigued by those fascinating Sanskrit words, or love to chant, this workshop is for you! We’ll learn how to read the transliteration (pronunciation of Sanskrit using English letters) of Sanskrit correctly, letter by letter, and then put it all together with the names of yoga poses, passages from the sutras, and a little chanting. Be prepared to put it into practice on the mat! Appropriate for yoga teachers and practitioners. $35

To register, visit the Mind-Body Zone website, click on workshops, and scroll down to the Sanskrit workshop!


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Man Jumping

Don’t Should!

How do you know when you should do something?

Well, first of all, if you “should” do it, it’s probably not coming from your soul.

Because your soul, your spirit, you see, follows its line of power and passion.

Read online.


Event Calendar

Every month, you can click this link to view my Calendar to see what is coming up!


 Acorn Woodpecker on a Tree Trunk

What Does the Woodpecker Say?

I was in the backyard today, cleaning off our patio table and chairs, when I heard a tapping sound. I looked around, but couldn’t find it. I figured it was probably one of our many squirrels in the yard, trying to break open an acorn, so I went back to my cleanup.

The sound started again, and this time I looked up into the old, broad oak tree that dominates most of our yard. There it was – a woodpecker, the red crest on its head and the familiar black and white spotted feathers. We have had woodpeckers out in our front yard, particularly on the telephone pole, rapping away off and on for years, but I’ve never seen one in our backyard.

So I figured this was a special moment – a message for me.

Read online.


Awakening Self Radio Show Schedule (online on BlogTalk Radio)

All shows can be listened to from the links below, during or after the broadcast… or from your phone at (347) 843-4408(347) 843-4408(347) 843-4408

This Month’s Shows:

Meditation & Inspiration – Maitri: Friendliness to Your Self

Tuesday, October 15th, 9-9:30pm Pacific / 12 midnight Eastern / 4:30am GMT (Friday)

conniehabash_meditation_counseling_menlopark_yoga_peacefulOne of the 4 Brahmaviharas, or inner attitudes, Maitri is translated as “friendliness”.  It usually refers to the attitude we should have towards others… but are you friendly towards yourself?

Tonight we’ll explore this concept and practice it with a meditation focused on maitri – being friendly, kind, and supportive of yourself.

Last Month’s Shows:

“Your Inner Wisdom” on Awakening Self Radio

Feel a bit stuck in your spiritual growth?  Want a breakthrough?  Seeking your calling or purpose?  Longing for inner peace and happiness? Want to live a more authentic, inspired spiritual life?  Your Inner Wisdom is created just for that!

Rev. Connie L. Habash is a Spiritual Mentor,  supporting you to connect with the Divine within and discover your True Self.

This is a call-in show!  Rev. Connie shares inspiration; you can call in to receive guidance on your spiritual challenges.  With compassion, light-heartedness, deep listening, and a gift at facilitating spiritual growth, she shows you how to find your answers within.

“The 2nd Chakra” – guest Debra Wilson Guttas, Integrative Energy Practioner

Join Rev. Connie and her special guest Debra Wilson Guttas, an Integrative Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master, for a refreshing, empowering, and at times humorous look at our lower energy centers and their importance in our spiritual evolution.  This show focuses on the 2nd chakra, the center of emotions, vital energy, and sensuality.  Find out why this chakra is the “birth canal for both biological and spiritual creativity”.  Call in with your questions!


Or, see my Radio Show page for more shows!

Do you know someone who would be great on Awakening Self?  Send me an email and you may just hear them on an upcoming radio show!


Spiritual Quotes

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”

~ Proust


“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path.”  

~ Guatama Buddha


“It is not the road ahead that wears you out – It is the grain of sand in your shoe.”

~ Arabian Proverb




Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

connie_habash_interfaithministry_counseling_spirituality_yoga_menloparkLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Interfaith Minister – Spiritual Mentorship
Menlo Park, CA


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