Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga

An Introduction to the Sacred language of Sanskrit

sanskrit image1If you’ve ever wondered how yoga poses are REALLY pronounced, been intrigued by those fascinating Sanskrit words, or love to chant, this workshop is for you!

We’ll learn how to read the transliteration (pronunciation of Sanskrit using English letters) of Sanskrit correctly, letter by letter, and then put it all together with the names of yoga poses, passages from the sutras, and a little chanting. Be prepared to put it into practice on the mat! Appropriate for yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels.

Date: Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Time: 3-6pm

Location: Mind-Body Zone, Fremont, CA

3335 Seldon Court, Fremont, CA 94539


Register online at the Mind-Body Zone website, or call (510) 252-1193

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