Awakening Women of the Earth (AWE)

A FREE, engaging, and inspiring online community created for you!

We are conscious, spiritual women who love nature and desire a transformation in ourselves and our planet. 

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You may be in a transition right now – longing to be more conscious, aligned with your True Self, and aligned with the well-being of the Earth. You’re ready to make changes and step into a new way of living, but it feels hard to do it alone. This is the place to support you in your journey of healing yourself and the planet, empowerment, growth, connection, and awakening.

Together in Awakening Women of the Earth, we cultivate and grow…

  • Greater authenticity – becoming our True Selves in the world
  • Supportive community
  • Mindful living in the Present moment
  • Connection to nature, and living more in harmony with her
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Healing of our eco-grief and eco-anxiety
  • Empowerment to take action for our beloved Earth

Members consistently feel…

  • A greater connection to Spirit, the Earth, one another, and our True Self
  • More inner peace
  • Supported, nurtured, and part of something bigger than us
  • That we’re not alone in our feelings and desires for a safe, healthy, harmonious planet
  • More vibrantly alive and joyful
  • Empowered to take doable actions to heal the Earth

We, as spiritual women, have hearts overflowing with love and compassion, but sometimes we feel alone. We long for a deeper connection to the Divine – whatever we may call That – to each other, and also our planet.

It can be really hard, too, to love nature so much and see the devastation that’s going on out there. We know that it will impact many generations to come.

We’re living in a time when we’re cut off from each other – from the very support, in a sacred circle of women, that has sustained us through millennia.

And we need that support, inspiration, compassionate witnessing, and empowerment from one another more than ever, so we can continue on our path of personal and spiritual growth, and support the healing of our world.

Awakening Women of the Earth (AWE) is responding to this challenge. It’s an opportunity to come together from around the world, engage in uplifting, heartfelt, and empowering conversations, deepen our spiritual practices together, and feel supported through the challenges that lie ahead. So that we can actually make a difference in the world.

It doesn’t matter your spiritual path, cultural background, race, sexual orientation, or the nation you’re from. If you love the Earth, value authenticity, compassion, and truth, are committed to your spiritual and planetary awakening, and desire to be of service in some small or larger way, you’re welcome here.

We’re creating a non-judgmental, compassionate, uplifting, and supportive space to learn, inspire, and grow together for all those who identify as nature-loving women on the spiritual path.

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You’re invited to join the AWE community!!

The AWE Online Community Membership – Ongoing and FREE – Includes:

  • Four Seasonal, Online Events – March, June, September, and December, we have a LIVE Zoom 2-hour online workshop and ritual to connect with the Earth, Spirit, and one another. (Generally on a Sunday at 10:30am Pacific Time).
  • Monthly LIVE, 1 hour+ Zoom gatherings for connection, support, exploration, and transformation (alternating with the workshops, generally on a Sunday at 10:30am Pacific Time).
  • Recordings of online events.
  • A monthly theme to explore in-depth together and in your life.
  • Deeper connections with the women of AWE in a supportive, and loving environment.

You’ll also be subscribed to Rev. Connie’s Weekly Bit of Inspiration on Sundays and her monthly newsletter.

Founder: Rev. Connie L. Habash, LMFT

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Who Am I?

Rev. Connie L. Habash

I’m a woman who is passionate about spirituality, uplifting community, healing, and nature. For over 25 years, I’ve dedicated my life to supporting others in their personal and spiritual growth as a spiritual mentor, psychotherapist, yoga & meditation teacher, retreat leader, interfaith minister, and more recently an ecotherapist.

I’m the author of Awakening from Anxiety: A Spiritual Guide to Living a More, Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life, and my teachings are grounded in Presence, Embodiment, and Self-Compassion. Being in nature (and with my daughter!) is my great joy and restores my body, heart, and soul. This magical planet truly fills me with awe. As a mother, I’m particularly concerned about the impact of what we’re doing now in the world on future generations.

I felt called to create Awakening Women of the Earth (AWE) to expand what I have to offer beyond the therapist couch or even my in-person retreats and workshops. This community is intended to bring together many women who also have something to share and the desire and willingness to receive from others, too, so we can all be filled and renewed through the challenges ahead. It’s time for us to come together around the world for community, compassion, growth, and caring.

Your only commitment in AWE is your willingness to engage and receive, as much or as little as you like.

What’s your investment?

Women holding candles

AWE is now FREE, in service to healing and awakening our planet!

Because I’m committed to supporting everyone on the path of growth and awakening, I’ve made AWE free of charge. I want this kind of support and inspiration to be available to everyone. The planet can’t wait for us, and you shouldn’t have to wait to receive the support, community, inspiration, and guidance you long for.

The only investment is you – participating and giving from your heart, receiving abundantly from all of us.

Do you feel the call to join us in Awakening Women of the Earth (AWE)?  Register below!

Women are saying…

“Connie is a cherished gift to the world and her ability to create and hold sacred and healing space for women is nothing short of incredible. I’m part of many online spiritual communities but haven’t found the same level of connection and compassion as I have in AWE. I’m so excited to continue on with Connie and this beautiful community she created.”

~ R.F.

“Just being in the group, whenever I come here, whether I comment, read or simply observe, I have felt peace, connection and spaciousness. Watching your videos bring me into presence. I feel your words entering my heart. I feel my heart opening. I feel a warmth enveloping me. Connection. I’m present. At that moment, that is all that matters.”

~ Riana Avis

“I loved the feeling of community with caring, loving, wise women. Connie is such a dear, gentle, & compassionate soul. She really makes you feel held in light & love!”

~ M.S.S.

“Your lessons have added to my presence practices. I have been much more aware of being present in everything I do. I practice a lot of gratitude thruout the day and that awareness has had a refinement as well. Thank you so much Connie. I did not know what to expect. It’s been lovely every day.”

~ Linda Y.

“I have felt a beautiful reminder to slow down, pause, reflect, and connect with nature. It has felt supportive to have others cheer my comments and be able to reach out and comment on others. It is always a lovely gift to be with like-minded women in any way shape or form. And the field that Connie has created has felt gentle, warm and earth loving.”

~ Renee S.

“Just knowing that all you lovely women are out there brings me hope, comfort and inspiration to keep practicing. Thank you Connie for creating this space for us. I am forever grateful for all you do to keep cultivating more love and awareness in this world. This gathering has been a catalyst for me to deepen in my presence practice and a reminder that there are good people in the world.”

~ A.T.

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