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The Invisible Threads of Life

It’s my morning ritual to sit in the front yard and take in whatever nature has to offer me.  I receive messages from Spirit in profound ways from simple things.  Simple things like thin, invisible threads. The other day, something in the air… read more

I’ll Take Wholeness and Oneness Instead

I just saw a post on Facebook that said, “To keep winning, I have to keep improving.”  It really bothered me to read that. I felt sad, like someone was drowning and trying to keep their head above water. I just have 4 issues with thi… read more

Do You Want Relief or Release?

Let’s face it – we all go through difficult times. Everyone experiences some pain, whether physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional, at some point in their life. During those challenging times, our tendency is to grasp for relief.  Just like when we get a headache or...

read more

I Don’t Need a Bucket List – Do You?

Everyone has been talking about bucket lists for years, but I find they just create more anxiety.  Here’s what I do instead. It’s all over social media. Just checked one off my bucket list, as they post an amazing selfie from the Himalayas or w… read more

A Deeper Level of Self-Care

It’s the beginning of the year and I have been looking at the fact that, in my mad scramble to get my book finished, I have not been so good at self-care the last couple of months.  Meditation has been sporadic, yoga practice minimal, trips to th… read more

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