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Seeing Kindness, Being Kindness

If you have been on the spiritual path a little while, you know what a blessing it is to do random acts of kindness, particularly during the holidays. I love that practice and find it makes a great difference in my life (and hopefully, that of ot… read more

Stepping Out of the Stress-Relief Cycle

Relief! Ever have that feeling after a big project or deadline is done? The stress leading up to it, and the release afterwards? Yes, I had that last night, after my daughter’s birthday party was over. BUT…I also noticed that th… read more

The Ease of Letting Go

Trying to control creates anxiety – but letting go brings me ease. A half hour before writing this blog, I fixed myself some lunch.  I was making a salad, and needed to peel some cucumbers.  Wanting the peels to be easy to clean up, I ha… read more

Have You Found Your Patronus?

My daughter is a Harry Potter fan, and thus I’ve been a bit educated about the many magical people, places, creatures, and spells in the iconic series. One of the most powerful spells in that series of magical books calls forth your Pat… read more

Attachment, Surrender, and Giving Birth

A little surrender and a lot of non-attachment allowed me to receive what was given and open to new possibilities. Recently, I looked back on the birth of my daughter.  The struggles I am currently facing in writing my first book have mirror… read more

5 Things the Butterfly Taught Me

On a pilgrimage to Mount Shasta, butterflies became my spiritual teachers. One of my favorite places in the world is Mount Shasta, and of all the sacred and beautiful locales around this mountain, I love a particular meadow about half-way u… read more

My Journey Out of Depression

Two celebrity suicides prompt me to share my own story of depression, and how I journeyed from being suicidal to wholeness and happiness within. I have struggled this week with what to write in this month’s blog.  I can’t say t… read more

Your Angel Investors

You probably don’t need venture capitalists to realize your dreams – you need to awaken your own inner angels. I know someone who is an Angel Investor – she loves to find people and projects she believes in and provide the expertise and… read more

Hiking in the Rain: Going Past My Comfort Zone

A couple weeks ago, I had planned to hike on a Thursday morning with a friend I hadn’t seen in months.  We were looking forward to being together and venturing into one of my favorite forests at nearby Huddart Park.  The forecast was for ra… read more

One Way to Find Love – in Yourself

Yeah, I know.  Valentine’s day is this week.  How do you feel about it? Do you feel loved?  Do you have someone that you love?  Do you appreciate this day to express that love, or does this day trigger painful emotions? I think there… read more

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