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Experience inspirational, insightful programming on the Awakening Self Radio Show! Rev. Connie creates programs that are dedicated to Awakening the Divine within you. Evening Meditation and Inspiration includes a spiritual theme and a semi-guided meditation to deepen your experience of the Sacred in your life. Awakening Self Radio Show focuses on spiritual teachings, insight, questions and answers, and sacred conversation. It features guests from many spiritual traditions around the world, such as authors, healers, environmentalists, ministers, rabbis, and spiritual teachers.

Listen to these shows, dedicated to awakening the Divine within you, simply by clicking the link! You can also listen from your phone for the live show (long distance charges may apply) by calling (563) 999-3743.

Rev. Connie on Anchor FM – Anxiety About Anxiety Podcast – “How to Awaken from Anxiety” September 25, 2020

Rev. Connie on Anchor FM – Around Grandfather Fire (AGF) 55 Podcast – 6 Mistakes Spiritual People Make That Increase Anxiety – September 23, 2020.

Buzzsprout – Decaffeinated: An Anxiety Podcast with Brian & Elisa Halliley / Connie Habash – Episode 21: Different Paths Up the Mountain – September 09, 2020

Rev. Connie’s interview on CFIS fm in Prince George, British Columbia on November 18th, 2019

Connie’s interview starts half-way through the program.

Rev. Connie on “The Christine Upchurch Show – The Vibration of Change™” – recorded Friday 9-6-19

Awakening from Stress and Anxiety

Rev. Connie on “When Faiths Come Together” – recorded Tuesday 8-27-19

Commonalities and religion can unite instead of divide and about the release of her new book, Awakening From Anxiety

Connie interviewed on WOCA – “Awakening From Anxiety” – recorded 8-8-19.

Fifteen minute segment on KC Armstrong’s WMAP (the World’s Most Amazing People) radio show recorded Tuesday, 2-26-19.


Rev. Connie is a guest on Unlocking Your Truth with Dr.Lesley Phillips 1-22-19


2015 Radio Shows

September 18

The Power of Thought and Word with guest Denzal Santana

You know the power of action – but far greater potential lies in the more subtle energies and power of our thoughts, intentions, words, and prayer. Shaman, healer, and musician of the spoken word, Denzal Santana, has studied with shamans from the Peruvian amazon for more than a decade, and brings back not only their sacred teachings, but a powerful clarity in his use of prayer and spoken word through drumming and music. You’ll hear some excerpts from his recent recordings with his son, Cruuz, and his deep wisdom as Rev. Connie dialogues with him about elevating our consciousness, healing our hearts, and uplifting the whole through thought and word.

July 23

Meditation and Inspiration

[theme]Theme: “The Pause That Refreshes the Spirit”[/theme]

Let’s face it – most of us are constantly in a whirl of busy-ness. The to-do list is endless, and we have a compulsion to be productive and busy, reinforced by cultural expectations. There is a cost to this constant activity and agitation: we lose our sense of True Self, and we lose our inner peace.

Take some time for your Self to stop for a moment and learn to pause – when we pause, we refresh our experience of Spirit, return to our Divine Self, and experience the peace we long for.

Connie Habash



A selection of books, CDs, and websites that Connie recommends for your continued awakening.



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