About Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means “union“.  It is truly an awakening of the health and wholeness in each of us, becoming One in body, mind, heart, and spirit.  We open ourselves to the oneness of our individual self with the greater Universal Self through the yoga practice.

Hatha yoga – the physical practice of postures, actions, and breathwork – specifically approaches this state of union through the body. Through the practice of physical poses, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation, you’ll develop more flexibility, strength, and inner peace. Stress releases its hold of the mind and serenity emerges. You’ll feel more energy and yet be less reactive to life’s challenges. Awareness of your True Self – the unlimited potential within – is awakened, as the blocks to becoming that greater Self are revealed through the practice. Gradually, you release those blocks, and bring forth new possibilities in body and mind!You’ll also notice improvements with back problems, balance, ability of the mind to focus, digestion, quality of sleep, and many other physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

As a yoga teacher since 1993 and a yoga teacher trainer since 2002, yoga is an integral part of my life – in fact, it is a spiritual philosophy by which I live my life. I integrate the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga into the practice in a practical way that is universal and supports each student in their own spiritual path.

Meditation is an important aspect of yoga practice. It brings clarity and calmness to the mind, and develops concentration. Ultimately, it’s purpose is to increase one’s connection to the Divine within. Yoga poses and breathwork prepare one for meditation.

Be sure to have an empty stomach, bare feet, and clothing appropriate for moving.

Connie Meditating

Yoga and Meditation are vital aspects of my spiritual communities – see Spiritual Family and Upcoming Events. Private instruction in yoga and meditation is available by appointment.

Yoga Teacher Training

I am currently on the faculty of 3 yoga teacher training programs in the San Francisco Bay area: Mind-Body Zone in Fremont, where I teach Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit, Yogic Lifestyle, and Ethics; The Yoga and Movement Center in Walnut Creek, where I have taught Sanskrit, Ayurvedic Yoga, and the Chakras; and YES Yoga Educational Seminars where I have taught Ayurvedic Yoga and a number of other subjects.

Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT, has been teaching Hatha Yoga in the Iyengar and Vinyasa styles since 1993. The Iyengar style focuses on attention to detail and alignment, while the Vinyasa style puts emphasis on flowing movement and breath.  She has a passion for integrating the philosophical and psychological aspects of the yogic tradition into the practice of the poses.  Throughout the classes, she assists you in cultivating more awareness, self-acceptance, confidence, and inner peace as you let go the distractions of the mind and become more fully present within yourself.



A selection of books, CDs, and websites that Connie recommends for your continued awakening.



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