Counseling and Psychotherapy

What’s Different About How I Work?

  • Awaken to your True Self
  • Be Authentic and Empowered
  • Deepen Your Relationship to the Divine and to Others
  • Live the Life You Have Longed For
  • Find Happiness and Peace Within

I see the path of psychotherapy and counseling as a divine, heartfelt process. Your inner Self knows exactly what it needs to heal, grow, and awaken. In other words, I see you as the expert about you. I am skilled at helping you to discover your inner guidance and self-healing. My style of therapy allows you to find that inner wisdom through your body, your breath, and insight.

You’ll be able to release stuck emotions and transform old, unhealthy thought patterns into empowered, fulfilling ways of living. My aim is to bring you closer to your true Spirit, which is unlimited, peaceful, empowered, loving, and joyful, and to assist you in living the life you have longed for. A life that it authentic, inspired, and unique to you. I am a holistic and transpersonally-oriented psychotherapist. This means that I incorporate the body and the spirit into our sessions, in addition to the mind and emotions. Your spiritual beliefs are welcomed and actually essential to our work. My style is very eclectic, drawing upon several skills and orientations to best serve your highest good. Just a few of the ways that I work are:


  • Breathing techniques – working with the breath as the vehicle which carries you into deep healing, release, awareness and insight
  • Body sensation awareness – through guided observation of physical sensations, we can access emotional material and deep places of healing that otherwise may not be reached through traditional talk therapy
  • Mindfulness and Meditation – awareness of the present moment and whatever arises in the body, mind, and emotions, developing resilience, clarity, and peace
  • Yoga postures – yoga poses can often create shifts of awareness and inner experience, and also facilitate emotional healing and mental clarity
  • Art therapy – the use of art materials, without expectations or any intent to create “art”, are another effective method for reaching inner transformation that goes beyond thinking or talking, by allowing free-form expression through color, shape, movement, and texture.
  • Dreamwork – Dreams often have transformative messages hidden in layers of meaning. By working with them and allowing the dream to speak for itself, you can heal, change life patterns and discover new aspects of yourself.
  • Subpersonality Dialogue – Each of us has many different aspects of ourselves, archetypal energies that are both universal to all human beings and unique in their individual expression. For example, we all have a Child Self that may be scared and disempowered, or joyful and playful. We have aspects that are the Divine Parent, the Judge or Inner Critic, or the Protector. Each plays a role in our lives. When each aspect of ourselves is healthy and works well with the other aspects, life becomes easier and we feel confident and free.
  • Enneagram – the Enneagram is a personality typing system with a foundation for personal and spiritual growth. I find it very useful to gain understanding of life patterns and how to change them for clients who are interested in this method.
  • Visualization and Imagery techniques
  • Relaxation and Grounding techniques
  • Energy Awareness
  • Chakras – Working with the seven major energy centers in the body is very transformative in the areas of your life that each of these chakras govern.
  • Traditional styles of psychotherapy – I weave more traditional methods of “talk therapy” into our sessions as appropriate. These include exploring your family of origin, cognitive behavioral therapy, and rational-emotive therapy, just to name a few.

One of the Best Experiences of My Life

Connie is absolutely one of the most intuitive, insightful, kind, nurturing, intelligent, and resourceful people I know. She has given me practical and meaningful tools to use every day in order to reduce stress and increase communication in order to better meet my every day needs. Connie’s counseling style is truly transformative. I found after my sessions with her, I would immediately feel better, and also eventually be able to use the techniques on my own. She has been given a true gift – to counsel others who truly seek change and improvement – and I have experienced firsthand the power of this gift in my life. Connie is an amazing listener and her deep compassion for others allows her to serve her clients in the best manner possible.

TL, Mountain View, CA

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Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to explore working together. I look forward to awakening the greatest potential in you! Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC35178)



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