Do I have anxiety? Take this assessment to find out!

Awakening from Anxiety front cover with photo of author Connie Habash

Many of us suffer from anxiety and don’t even realize it!

People on the spiritual path may be particularly susceptible to feeling anxiety, according to a recent study in the U.K. We are more attuned to what is happening in the world and sensitive to other people’s energies. Our capability to feel what others may be experiencing – empathy – is strong. This can cause us unnecessary stress, worry, overwhelm and fear.

A bane of our era is high-functioning anxiety. On the outside, we may look the part of happiness, success, and inner peace. We meet our responsibilities, run a business, care for the kids, have a relationship, or are active socially. But on the inside, we’re feeling tense and anxious all the time. This is high-functioning anxiety, and it can have detrimental effects on our well-being and block us from feeling the calm, confident ease we long for.

Take this assessment to see if you have anxiety – and receive a couple tips of what to do about it. You will also become part of the Awakening Self community and receive a Weekly Bit of Inspiration and monthly email newsletter with upcoming events.



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