For the last year, I had the honor of knowing a very special being – a horse named Lokin.  He was large, white with some small grey speckles, a strong build and yet unassuming.  Lokin was part of a herd that I was able to visit a few times a month and get to know.  This week, I learned of his passing due to a neurological condition.  My heart is heavy and sad with missing him.

Lokin was (and still is in spirit) a being that I considered a friend.  He had some very special qualities that touched my heart deeply, and I am grieving his loss.  This post is in memory of Lokin.

Lokin, from the day I met you, you taught me generosity.

Never was there a day that I came to visit that you did not welcome me in, include me in the herd.  You showed me how to love and accept unconditionally.

I will always remember the day when I searched all over the field for the herd and finally found you high up on a hill.  You saw me approach and tossed your head happily, as if to say “we’re up here, come on up!”

Your leadership was quiet and gentle, and yet clear and strong.  Everyone in the herd respected you, yet you were simply yourself.  You did not need to demonstrate your strength.  Your strength came from your love of the herd and the well-being of all its members.

I will always remember the time when another horse shoved Bella away from her hay, and you invited her to come over and share some of yours.

You not only gave love, kindness, and generosity to others, but you so happily and joyfully received it, too.  You were always in the mood for a scratch on the belly or behind the ears.  You freely gave, and you freely received.

I will always remember the time when I had scratched you over the fence of the corral and was going to walk away, but you pulled me back by my hat strings for more!

You were the one horse that I knew I’d be safe with.  I never feared you nipping me like other horses have.  When I needed a friend to rest a shoulder on and cry, you were there.  You were always gentle and patient.  When I simply wanted to know that someone was there and was with me, you stood by me and let me lean against your strength.

I wish I could have said goodbye, to let you know how much you have touched my life.  Know that you are always loved, dear Lokin, and your presence here is missed.  Thank you for all you have given me.

I see you free and happy with your Divine herd in the Spirit world – many blessings to you, Lokin


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