Outside my home office window, two majestic trees stand in my front yard.  One, a large old California live oak, stands broad and substantial, spreading its thick branches out around it.  The other, a pine tree, is more erect and stately, shooting straight up with several branches near the top, reaching in all directions with green needles.

Although they appear different, they both have that “tree energy”.  Their roots go deep into the ground to connect with the earth.  This gives them stability, strength, and nourishment.  They stand in silence, unmoved, save for a breeze or the commotion of two squirrels frolicking in their branches.  They are undeterred by weather or the cars that pass by on the road.  And their branches endlessly reach for the heavens above, opening to the light of the sun.

I want to meditate like those trees.  I want to root down to something so deep and stable within that I am unmoved, my focus steady and unwavering.  When I’m rooted that firmly, and my mind becomes as quiet and still as a tree no matter what may be happening around me, I know it will be easier to receive Divine Light.

Sit with your back to the trunk of a tree.  Be one with it.  Let it show you what a tree knows.


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