Light through trees and fogI know you’ve made goals and resolutions.  You’re thinking about a fresh start, because it’s the new year.   Most of us have a long list in mind of what we want to have, create, and achieve after January 1st.

But sometimes, it helps to let go of all that planning, resolving, manifesting, and goal setting.  The truth is that All That Is arises from the Ineffable – the Great Mystery.

We often think of the universe as being created with a “divine plan.”  This may be true, but I don’t think in the way we have believed it to be.  I don’t think there’s a big Being in the sky who wrote out a “user’s guide” (and if they did, why didn’t we get one?!) or a flow chart of how It wanted everything to play out.

Instead, the Source of everything is unknowable and undefinable – a Great Mystery – because doing so would limit it.  In the Tao Te Ching, the ancient Chinese text of wisdom by Lao Tzu, it is said that “the Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.”  Infinite, unlimited power, presence, and potential cannot be narrowed down to even a name.

This Tao – the Great Mystery – expands and expresses itself out through everything that is.  Every thing that exists has that Divine intelligence within it, and is unfolding from that consciousness into the Infinite potential of what it can be.

It’s not planning itself out.  It’s not writing goals, or being a great “manifestor”.  It is allowing its own Divine intelligence to unfold into greater potential in each moment.

Consider that something even greater than your best laid plans might be ready to express through you.  But if your consciousness is filled with having to set, work towards, and achieve particular goals, check them off your list, and define new ones, there’s no space for unlimited potential to show up.

This year, I have my new year’s intention.  But I’m letting go of exactly how that looks.  I’m releasing a specific picture of what I want.  Instead,  I’m opening to the Great Mystery.  I am focusing on how I want to feel within, and letting the Great Mystery, which can’t be limited by my imagination, bring in the highest and greatest potential for me.

Ahhh.  It feels great.  And I’m happier that I’ve been in some time.

Ring in the new year – Ring in the Great Mystery.  Tonight, allow yourself to empty out and receive the Great Mystery.  Allow it to bring into manifestation your highest good.  When you let go and surrender into the Source, greater things appear than you can conceive of.


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