sensitive person with flowers on their skinHighly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) are known to be easily overwhelmed by the pressures of our fast-paced society, agitated by intense sensory experiences, and disturbed by violence and horror films. Maybe we are actually the sane ones, and the planet needs us.

For a number of years, I’ve known I was an HSP – a highly sensitive person. I cry easily, and am strongly affected by images I see on TV and in movies. Even reading something disturbing can set me off for hours. Sounds and little bits of light can keep me awake at night (I cover my eyes and plug my ears). If I have too much on my plate, I can spin around in a frenzy and freeze, unable to attend to any of it. And I’m not even that high on the sensitivity scale – some HSPs can’t stand the feeling of clothing on their skin and avoid going out because of overstimulation.

Most of all, I am sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. HSPs are often empaths, able to feel other people’s feelings. Going into a crowded room can be overload, not just because of being an introvert (which I am), but as a corollary to that I simply don’t always have the bandwidth to buffer the vibrations of other people and try to keep a clear boundary around my own.

The Upside of Being Highly Sensitive

HSPs also are more easily touched in their heart and soul. It’s not uncommon for a highly sensitive person to feel deeply moved whenever in nature; the song of a bird, the smell of moist soil, a majestic tree, or the patterns of clouds across the evening sky can make one swoon in pleasure. A profound piece of music can move me to tears, and a radiant piece of art leaves me awestruck. 

That’s the upside of HSPs: an almost magical attunement to beauty, aliveness, energy, and life force. The energies of nature are usually easier on our systems than the agitated, competitive, pressured rush of modern-day human culture. HSPs instinctively feel the dissonance of our high pressure world and the resonance of nature.

Leading the Charge to What is Healing and Meaningful

Being on devices constantly, spacing out in front of the TV, playing games, social media – sure, we’ve all done some of that. But you, my sensitive friend, can feel the effects of too much. You are not able to ignore how it cuts us off from what is truly healing, fulfilling, and meaningful; how it agitates the brain, and wrecks havoc on our mind, emotions, and body. 

You’re probably one of the folks leading the charge to engage with nature, to heal our ailing planet, and to find ways to reconnect, human being to human being, and human being to the natural world. We’ve become disconnected from ourselves, each other, the planet and the Divine. It’s causing us to suffer deeply. HSPs feel what’s going on with others, and sense the collective agony of our society.

The Bad News and the Good News

This is your challenge and gift, empaths. The bad news is that you’re sensitive; the good news is that you’re sensitive. You’re noticing what most of the culture, caught up in “what everyone else is doing”, is embroiled in that is unhealthy and out of alignment. 

You know what feels right and what is soul-sucking. You can’t help but feel it, even when others seem to be numb. Your compassion and care are as big as the Earth itself. This is the foundation for the much-needed planetary transformation.

The World Needs HSPs and Empaths!

The world needs us, HSPs. We are sounding the alarm. We are the ones letting everyone know what truly matters and will fulfill us in a deeper way than buying, scrolling, “liking”, hyper-stimulation, and hours of social media could ever do.

I see you, HSPs and empaths, and I’m with you. Honor your gifts. Recognize that your very challenges of being sensitive to all the distractions, violence, overstimulation, and pressures of the modern world are a sane response. Very sane. You’ve come here, like me, to help us turn towards a healing, thriving, harmonious, and empowering direction on the planet. Thank you – let’s share what we feel and know with the world. ?

Are you a spiritual (and highly sensitive!) woman who loves the Earth and wants to connect with others who care about the planet and our growth as human and spiritual beings? Check out the Awakening Women of the Earth (AWE) community!


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