You probably don’t need venture capitalists to realize your dreams – you need to awaken your own inner angels.

Calling in your Angel Investors!

I know someone who is an Angel Investor – she loves to find people and projects she believes in and provide the expertise and capital to help them realize their vision.

We were chatting with one of her friends in the foyer of her Eichler-style home.  She talked about having a guest on her podcast that was a bit woo-woo.  Naturally, I perked up, ‘cause you know I love woo-woo.

She enjoyed this guest, who had a slightly spiritual bent to her work, but felt a little nervous about the prayer that she offered to the listeners in the beginning of her show.  Given that her audience is geared towards business and success – a bit more mainstream than those of us spiritual folks – she worried that it would make people uncomfortable.

So I pulled out my most woo-woo, new-agey comments and hammed it up – including calling in the Archangels for some real angel investing!  I imagined myself on her show, in a very slow, breathy voice: “Yes, let’s all ask Archangel Gabriel for advice today on creating a start-up. Take a deep breath, align your chakras and call that energy in…”  She roared with laughter.

Hmmm… not a bad idea.

Although we were being silly and exaggerating it, I left thinking, hey, it’s really not a bad idea.  And it doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t believe in angels.  But each of us needs our own Angel Investors, and they’re right within us.

You see, we all have a part of ourselves that believes in our vision – you could call it your own Inner Angel.  This is an aspect of yourself that holds your inspiration, your dreams, your intentions for your life, and keeps reminding you of that.

It’s like your coach within, giving you encouragement, ideas, positive feedback, and constructive suggestions for getting back on track when you’ve lost your course.  It invests time, intention, and energy – spiritual capital, you might say – into your life.

Your Inner Council of Angel Investors.

In fact, you probably have – or could easily create – your own council of Inner Angel Investors in your life.  A wise sage who offers you advice and reminds you of what matters most.  A vision-keeper who provides you with images of what is possible.  A Zen master who will gently tap you with a stick to wake you up and steer you back on course when you’ve wandered. A spiritual coach who lifts you up when you feel down or don’t want to bother.  A compassionate Divine Mother who comforts you when you hit a wall and reminds you of your great qualities.  You could have an entire board of directors, right at your disposable, with just a little imagination.

What about those negative voices?

The problem, of course, is that we don’t seek out those inner Angel Investors.  We’re much more used to the nay-sayers, the voices in our head that tell us that’s too big, too overwhelming, not possible, who am I to imagine that for my life?  I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough, too busy, there’s not enough time.  We have plenty of those voices.

But we have a choice: what voices within us do we listen to?  What stories do they tell?  In the book, The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz, we are awakened to the fact that we’re telling ourselves stories about our lives constantly… and many of them ain’t pretty.  We narrate our lives with this “Voice of Knowledge,” and how we choose to color our narration affects our perception of every experience we have.

Let your Angels tell your new story.

The good news is, once we recognize that we’re telling stories – and they aren’t any more real than a work of fiction – we have the capability to tell ourselves new stories.  We can choose to perceive life, the world, and ourselves differently by changing the narrative.

Imagine if you created this council of Inner Angel Investors, and let them start telling your story. “How brave you are to try something new!  Look how you picked yourself up after that embarrassing moment and followed through anyway.  You made a difference by helping out that lady who dropped her groceries.  That really is a brilliant idea for a new project, and it’s perfect for your talents!”  Well, you can.

Create your council of Inner Angel Investors.

You can create your council of Inner Angel Investors right now, or anytime you are ready.  Sit down and close your eyes.  Imagine walking into a sacred place – maybe a cave of crystals, a grove of trees, or a gorgeous temple.  Across from you, there are a number of radiant beings seated at a table or in a circle on the ground.

Visualize each of them as clearly as you can.  If you resonate with actual Angels, great!  If not, find what forms are meaningful and helpful to you.  You could include power animals or animal guides if you connect with the animal kingdom. They could be in simple robes, gorgeous gowns, African mud cloth, or business suits.  It’s up to you.  They’re your Inner Angel Investors, so make them work for you – or see whatever shows up from Spirit, and trust that.

Consult with them.  Ask them anything you like.  Let them speak to you and offer their words of encouragement and guidance.  You can talk with them when you’re down as well as when you’re full of amazing inspiration.  Then, be sure to write down what you receive from them in a journal that you can return to again and again when you need inspiration or a helping hand.

Your Inner Angel Investors are here for you, any time you wish.  All you need to do is allow yourself to perceive them and listen to them.  Remember that you have this support, ever within you.

Copyright © 2018 by Rev. Connie L. Habash

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