eating with PresenceEverything in life is enriched by Presence. We may not always make the time for being fully Present; we might prefer to multitask, believing it will be more efficient. But when we sit down, fully Present, with one thing at a time, we enjoy life more and time, as a result, actually expands.

I had just cooked a sumptuous meal: fresh summer squashes sauteed in olive oil with onions, tomatoes, and garbanzo beans, with a yummy pesto on top. It smelled so good! I was so excited to sit down and eat.

But I also had a book that I was really enjoying, and wanted to read it, too. So I decided I would read while I was eating – two things to immerse in at once! What could be better?

Before I knew it, however, I only had a few spoonfuls of deliciousness left – what happened to my generous heaping of veggies and pasta? And I had only read about a page of my book, because I couldn’t quite focus on it.

Had I saved any time? No; it actually took me longer to read the passage, because my attention wasn’t fully focused on it. And, sadly, I wasn’t able to savor the fabulous meal I had lovingly and intentionally prepared for myself.

I realized my error. Had I been fully Present with my meal, I would have relished each bite, fully enjoying the experience. Instead, I wasn’t even conscious of most of it. And afterwards, I could immerse in my book and receive a lot more from it.

I stopped for those last few spoonfuls. With each bite, feeling gratitude and appreciation. What a joyful experience.

And now, I’ll turn towards my book, as soon as I’m done writing this blog post.

I find, again and again, that when I am Present –  truly here in this moment with my awareness and attention, and my mind quiet and open to whatever I’m doing – that I have plenty of time for everything. Not only does time become more spacious, but I enjoy what I’m doing more, whether it’s cleaning a bathtub, talking with a friend, driving to the store, or relishing my meal.

Find out for yourself – join me in Presence today. Whatever you’re doing after you read this, be there with it in Presence. Let yourself fully experience it (and whomever you are with), and when you move on to the next thing, be right there with that. Being Present enriches everything in life.


Presence is the first step on the journey to overcoming stress and anxiety as well as spiritual awakening. Find out more with my book, Awakening from Anxiety!


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